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關於伊麗莎白一世 請英翻中











她採取宗教寬容政策 使英格蘭歸於和平










她本人也從事寫作和翻譯 她親自翻譯了霍勒斯的《詩歌藝術》











文法跟單字不要用的太難= =

怕老師會看出來= =



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    It’s easy to found out that Elizabeth had great wisdom and nerve

    before she succeeded to the throne. Elizabeth was a legitimate child

    of Henry VIII whose two wives were executed by him and one of

    them was Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn. The queen of Mary

    was a pitiless ruler and she was Elizabeth’s stepsister. Though, her

    father and stepsister were relentless, she was grown up among them.

    Therewise, she knew how to protect herself and drew some lessons

    from them. When she came to the throne, she took a measure that put

    liberal attitudes towards religion right away to make England return

    to peaceful. At the same time, she also resolved the monetarist

    economic problem inside England. During the period of time that

    England fought against Spanish, the England’s economy reached its

    highest peaks since Henry VII. She against the religious war and

    economic difficulties that was taken at face value and her reputation

    inflated. Besides these, her reign is famous for the defeat of the

    Armada, and for successful raids against the Spanish. Because of

    that, English’s navy could dominate the seas. Beside that, the

    notion of a great Elizabethan age depends largely on the culture

    development of English. It was a golden age of literature, especially

    about dramas and poets. She not only be a queen, but also is a writer

    and translator and she translated the Ars Poetica by Horace. Until

    now, some famous speech and literatures in translation have come

    down from that time. In addition the literature standard, she had the

    intelligence and political craft to be a leader. The most famous thing

    about Elizabeth is who was portrayed as married to her kingdom and

    subjects for protecting England not to be the other countries’

    colony. She wished that England could be a dependent country and

    peace forever. Because Elizabeth's governance, her reign raised

    England's status abroad.

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    Elizabeth I with superhuman courage and wisdom

    This is king ascended the throne before she has been able to see

    As a spouse twice death of Henry VIII's daughter

    Her mother is the reason Anbeilin was Henry VIII's executions

    Half of the "bloody Mary" Queen is a brutal rulers

    But sandwiched in between these two emperors growth Elizabeth I

    Playing safe not only know the truth

    They also learn a lesson in the rule of

    Only chance before the death of Queen Mary in the preservation of their lives

    After accession to the throne

    She was religious tolerance policy attributable to the peace England

    At that time, and at the same time solve the economic problems of domestic currency

    In the beginning of the war with Spain

    England's economic success has been from Henry VII have never since the

    She helped England avoid the rule of the economic crisis and religious wars

    Elizabeth I is another great achievement defeated the Spanish Armada fleet

    The performance of the British at sea

    In addition

    She is the rule of the British cultural development during an important period

    Literature, especially poetry and drama has entered a golden age

    She also engaged in writing and translation of Horace she personally translated the "Art of Poetry"

    She had some of the speech and translation work so far has been spread

    She is a leader of wisdom and artifices

    She is most famous for the sake of England independence and peace

    Not married life in other countries to avoid England become a vassal

    She so far in the rule of the sea is truly become the first England came from the European powers

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