Hi ,王小姐

非常感謝讓我有這機會到 貴公司服務,我對此職務也非常有興趣,但因正在國外遊學,預計2008年4月30日會返回台灣,不知是否 貴公司能保留這機會給我?造成 貴公司的不便在此說聲抱歉,也非常期待能有機會在,貴公司服務。

希望能聽到 貴公司的好消息

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    Dear Miss Wang:

    I am grateful for being offerred a job opportunity by your company. I am also very much interested in this offer. However, I am currently on a study tour and will not be available until April 30. Would it be possible that your company can reserve the offer for me? My apologizes for any inconvenience caused to your company. I expect highly to be able to work in your company.

    I am looking forward to hearing the good news from your company.

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