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Whats is the saddest movie death ?

Whats is the saddest movie death to you ?

Mine is in I Am Legend, when Will's dog got infected, and he injected her with something and held her in his arms rocking her back and forth singing a lullaby that everything will be all right, but then she started showing symptoms of the infection and he had to strangle her.

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    It's hard to choose but I have a few, I am Legend seems sad but I've never seen it:

    Simba's dad in the lion king

    Thomas J in My Girl ( how could any of you forget that )

    " wanna go tree climbing Thomas J, his face hurts and he can't see without his glasses" I cried a river :(

    Braveheart: It nearly killed me watching William Wallace tortured!!

    Jamie in: A Walk to remember, it was so sad and the song Cry makes me weep lol!

    Nicole Kidman's character in Moulin Rouge

    ( those are my top weepies ) also John Coffey in the green mile!

    Shelby in Steel Magnolias

    Simon in Simon Birch ( that death was so unfair and the movie gets me everytime lol )

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    Hmm.. The Pianist!

    So many people died and it was so harsh how they killed the Jews. I couldn't even bare staying in the movie theater it was too hard to watch.

    Also The Bridge to Terabithia. Haha I'm a sucker for that movie it was so sad when Leslie died.

    Million Dollar baby, when the guy had to unplug the machine on the girl.. too sad to see her suffer.

    Hmm.. and maybe the Titanic. I'm sure there are a lot out there which I can't think of right now, but so far those.

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    The Notebook. When he lives daily with the fact that she rarely remembers him, their love ran so deeply, and there is very little enduring love in the world. They died together, because what was life without each other? All that they went through together, to have her not even know who he is, or that the story he's reading is theirs, and the only way they can be together again is to die in each others arms? The bitter sweetness of that story tugged at my heart so much, and I have watched many , many movies, but even though the deaths were not tragic, it was still such an emotional moment, and I've never seen a movie like it before or since.

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    Syriana is awful! I don't know what his exact name is, but there's the Middle Eastern prince who is so smart and moderate and welcomes reform... He is the most wonderful character, but when he refuses to go along with US oil interests they assassinate him. It was the most horrible thing I'd ever seen in a movie, it made me really think there was no good in teh world or hope for peace...

    The only other thing that made me cry so much was when the government soldiers shot T-socks in Dances with Wolves. Watching some horrible men shoot an innocent wolf for sport, it broke my heart... I rarely even cry in movies, but these two left me upset for days

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    Russell Crowe as Maximus in Gladiator

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    Titanic. When jack and rose are in the water after the ship sunk. And when rose is on the floating piece of wood, and jack is in the water talking to her. When rose realizes that jack is dead, she lets go of his hands and he falls to the bottom of the ocean. That scene made me shed a couple of tears. Titanic overall is a GREAT MOVIE and it is a must see for everyone!

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    every time i watch pan's labyrinth, i cry very much at the end.

    i won't spoil anything, but it's so unexpected, and so tragic, but in a happy way.

    i can't watch the lion king without crying when simba says "come on dad, we gotta go home.. get up.."

    oh man.

    and in gladiator... it's another kind of happy-sad death.

    and, of course, in the lord of the rings (the fellowship of the ring), when boromir is lying on the ground dying, and aragorn is standing over him, and bormir says " i would have would have followed you, my brother... my captain... my king"

    oh gosh

    i'm getting teary-eyed just thinking about it!

    and here's a list of a bunch of the top death scenes of all time:

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    Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ but then he has resurrected..

    Also John Coffey the character of Michael Clark Duncan in The Green sad.

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    Mufasa is definitely my number one but after that i would say Will Smith in Seven Pounds. Or the dog in I Am Legend

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    I am legend

    The lion king (mufasa)

    The longest yard (chris rock)

    The notebook (the old couple)

    Oh yeah, and when Tom Hanks loses Wilson in castaway. I know he was only a ball, but it was soooo sad

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