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I know that by stats David A in american Idol is better liked, but what...?

is it that anyone likes bout David C. His greasy hair, seriously makes him look mentally retarded, he has no range, his best songs I don't think many amateurs on here knew were done by other bands , not arrangements by him.

Go David. If you wanna join us voting for David A, vote for him and it is amazing seeing a younger idol finally win, who has emotion, range, modesty, and fun to see everyone scream

Join us. seriously. It's fun

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    David A. has amazing talent for such a young age - and will become a famous singer whether he wins or not. He just has "the voice" the others dream of having. Give him a stylist and let him mature, and bingo - a star is born.

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    Uh? There have been plenty of younger American Idol winners.

    Season One: Kelly Clarkson was 20 when she won.

    Season Three: Fantasia Barrino was 18 when she won.

    Season Six: Jordin Sparks was 17 when she won.

    I could honestly careless if David Cook used another band's arrangement! Almost every American Idol contestant (with the exception of Blake Lewis) uses another band's arrangement.

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    ARCHULETA SUCKS, NOW DAVID COOK, THERE'S TALENT! I absolutely LOVE David Cook, it's not that Arch. isn't good, he's just too young and immature to take AL seriusly. He has a *perfect* voice and is too innocent. I like nonperfect bad boys >:) I love his hair! And what are you talking about, he has a great vocal range! Imagine Arch singing rock..... gross

    GO DAVID COOK! Keep on rockin Idol forever cause u got the power to do it. sorry about the obsession ....

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i admire them the two, yet i became kinda pulling for David prepare dinner. he's a greater pro all around entertainer and could sing any type song. David A. will make it great in his type, so he has not something to be embarrassed approximately. pass Davids!!

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    david cooks hairs greasy and he hardly has any at all.

    i totally agree with you.

    btw i LOVE david archuleta

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    Honestly ... I was only voting for Michael Johns but since he's gone now, I'm not really sure who I'll vote for! I'll probably wait untill it gets to the final 2 then vote. If it comes down to DA & DC, I'll definitely be voting for DA! =)

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