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dose anyone have suggestions for books?

i'm in middle school and love to read, but my mom dosen't want me reading books with magic and stuff like that in them so i'm having a hard time finding good reads that i already haven't read. any ideas would be appreciated. thanks.

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    You might want to show your Mom the website below. This is part of one page from that website.

    Anthony Horowitz

    Alex Rider Series (Stories about a teenage spy) - Stormbreaker, Point Blank, Skeleton Key, Eagle Strike, Scorpia, Ark Angel, and Snakehead

    Power of Five (In the U.S.: The Gatekeepers) - Raven's Gate (2005), Evil Star (2006), Nightrise (2007), and Necropolis: City of the Dead (2008, Forthcoming).

    Carl Hiaasen Hoot and Flush.

    Gary Paulsen

    Brian's Saga - Hatchet; Brian's Return; Brian's Winter; The River; and Brian's Hunt.

    True Adventures - How Angel Peterson Got His Name; Caught by the Sea; Guts; Father Water, Mother Woods; and My Life in Dog Years.

    Back in Time - The Cookcamp; Alida's Song; The Quilt; Soldier's Heart; Nightjohn; Sarny; and The Legend of Bass Reeves.

    Tucket Adventures- Mr. Tucket; Call Me Francis Tucket; Tucket's Ride; Tucket's Gold; Tucket's Home; and Tucket's Travels.

    The World of Adventure - Captive!; Danger on Midnight River; and Escape from Fire Mountain.

    Explore the World of Gary Paulsen - Canoe Days; The Beet Fields; The White Fox Chronicles; The Transall Saga; Dogteam; A Christmas Sonata; The Monument; The Haymeadow; The Night the White Deer Died; and Canyons.

    Tales to Tickle the Funny Bone - Lawn Boy; The Amazing Life of Birds; Molly McGinty Has a Really Good Day; The Glass Cafe; The Boy Who Owned the School; and The Schernoff Discoveries.

    John Gunther

    Death Be Not Proud (A memoir about the death of his son)

    Louis Sachar

    Holes, Small Steps, Someday Angeline, Johnny's In the Basement, The Boy Who Lost His Face, Dogs Don't Tell Jokes, Sixth Grade Secrets, and There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom

    Richard Peck

    Long Way From Chicago and A Year Down Yonder

    Kate DiCamillo

    Because of Winn Dixie, The Tiger Rising, The Tale of Despereaux, and The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

    Robin Jones Gunn

    Christy Miller Series - Summer Promise; A Whisper and a Wish; Yours Forever; Surprise Endings; Island Dreamer; A Heart Full of Hope; True Friends; Starry Night; Seventeen Wishes; A Time to Cherish; Sweet Dreams; and A Promise is Forever.

    Sierra Jensen Series - Only You, Sierra; In Your Dreams; Don't You Wish; Close Your Eyes; Without a Doubt; With This Ring; Open Your Heart; Time Will Tell; Now Picture This; Hold on Tight; Closer Than Ever; and Take My Hand.

    Katie Weldon Series - Peculiar Treasures

    Laura Ingalls Wilder

    Little House in the Big Woods

    Little House on the Prairie

    Farmer Boy

    Johanna Spyri (1827 - 1901; Swiss)

    Heidi Publication 1880.

    Frances Hodgson Burnett (1849 - 1924; English)

    The Secret Garden Publication 1911.

    Anna Sewell (1820 - 1878; English)

    Black Beauty - This story is told from the horse's point of view. Warning: It's a sad story, but there is a happy ending. Publication 1877.

    Louisa May Alcott (1832 - 1888; American)

    Eight Cousins - Rose's father has died leaving her an orphan. She goes to live with her Aunt Plenty and Aunt Rose. She is very lonely until she makes friends with a servant, Phoebe and then seven cousins, all boys, arrive. Life will never be the same. Publication 1875.

    Little Women - This novel about Jo and her three sisters, Meg, Amy, and Beth, is set during the Civil War. Their father has gone off to fight. It is based upon the author's life and the lives of her three sisters. Publication 1868.

    Little Men Publication 1871.

    Jo's Boys Publication 1886.

    Jane Austen (1775 - 1817; English)

    Pride and Prejudice - The courtship of proud Mr. Darcy and prejudiced Elizabeth Bennet is complicated by their persistent misunderstanding of each other's actions and feelings. There are many interesting characters. Mrs. Bennet is preoccupied with marrying off her five daughters. There is an impressive dowager aunt who intimidates everyone except Elizabeth. The amazingly conceited clergyman rehearses his speeches to young ladies. The story is set in the 18th century. Publication 1813.

    Lucy Maud Montgomery (1874 - 1942; Canadian)

    Anne of Green Gables - Orphaned red head Anne Shirley goes to live with an elderly brother and sister, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert on Prince Edward Island. Anne is a bookish dreamer who needs to be loved. Publication 1908. Sequels include: Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams, and Anne of Ingleside.

    Fred Gipson (1908 - 1973; American)

    Old Yeller - The old stray dog certainly is ugly and a thieving rascal, but out here on the Texas frontier a dog is a good companion, especially with Dad away on a cattle drive. Publication 1956.

    Jack London (1876 - 1916; American)

    The Call of the Wild - A domesticated dog, Buck, is kidnapped and sold to gold hunters. To survive he has to learn to listen to the call of the wild and learn the ways of his wolf ancestors. Eventually, he falls into the ownership of John Thornton, whose life Buck saves twice. Publication 1903.

    White Fang - A half wolf - half dog is nearly destroyed by the vicious cruelty of men. Publication 1906.

    The Sea Wolf Publication 1904.

    Esther Forbes (1891 - 1968; American)

    Johnny Tremain - Johnny is an apprentice to a silversmith in Boston (not Paul Revere) in the days just prior to the American Revolution. An accident ends his apprenticeship. In the days following his accident he meets Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and many other men of history. Publication 1944.

    Jonathan Swift (1667 - 1745; Anglo-Irish)

    Gulliver's Travels - Lemuel Gulliver travels to a series of very unusual and heretofore unknown lands. In one place he is a giant compared to the Lilliputians. In another, he is the size of a mouse compared to the people he finds. He also finds a floating island and a place where intelligent horses are served by humanoids. Publication 1726. This was made into a movie starring Ted Danson.

    Daniel Defoe (1660 - 1731; English)

    Robinson Crusoe - Crusoe finds himself stranded on an uncharted island off the coast of South America for nearly 30 years. He must find food, shelter, and clothing. He survives because of his faith in God. Many years after landing on the island, he saves a man named, Friday, who is about to be eaten by cannibals and Friday becomes Crusoe's faithful servant. Publication 1719.

    Johann Wyss (1743 - 1848; Swiss)

    Swiss Family Robinson - Fritz, Ernest, Jack, Franz, Mother, and Father survive a shipwreck and find themselves stranded on a deserted island near New Guinea. Being a religious family they offer thanks to God for all that he has provided. They salvage all that they can from the ship. They build a tree house for protection from wild animals, find food, make candles from berries, bread from roots, and a canoe from a tree. They face snakes, wolves, bears, and a lion, but are doing quite well until they discover a way to leave the island. Who will go? Who will stay? This was made into a movie a very long time ago. Publication 1812.

    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 1894; Scot)

    Treasure Island - Young Jim Hawkins, an innkeeper's son, finds a treasure map among the belongings of a dead seaman. Pirates seek that very map and Jim finds himself in quite a predicament. On board ship, Jim overhears Long John Silver's plans for mutiny. This has also been made into a movie. Publication 1883.

    Kidnapped - Young David Balfour went to visit his uncle after his father's death. Uncle Ebenezer wants to steal the boy's inheritance and won't stop at murder. David is soon kidnapped and on board a ship facing a life of slavery. The story is set in 18th century Europe. Publication 1886.

    Jules Verne (1828 - 1905; French)

    Around the World in Eighty Days - Phineas Fogg tries to make his way around the globe in 80 days in order to win a bet of 20,000 pounds. He is accompanied on his journey by a servant and they implore all sorts of modes of travel (elephant, sled, balloon, etc.). Publication 1873.

    Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea - Professor Aronnax leads an expedition attempting to destroy a giant sea monster. Their efforts with harpoons are futile and the men find themselves in the water. Later, they are captured by the enigmatic Captain Nemo on his underwater vessel, the Nautilus. Publication 1870. The movie starred a rather young Kirk Douglas.

    Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936; English)

    The Jungle Book - A boy is lost in the jungle of India and adopted by a family of wolves. Publication 1894.

    Just So Stories - Publication 1902.

    Captains Courageous - Harvey Cheyne is a spoiled rich teenager who considers himself above the manual labor aboard the ship. Then he falls overboard and his rescued by a fisherman who insists he earn his keep. Publication 1897.

    Scott O'Dell (1898 - 1989; American)

    The Black Pearl - Ramon and his father seek pearls of the coast of Baja, California. Ramon dreams of finding a valuable black pearl, but he also thinks of the monster of the deep, Manta Diablo. When he does find a black pearl he is warned that to keep it risks the wrath of the monster. Publication 1967.

    Island of the Blue Dolphins - This is the true story of an Indian girl, Karana, who spent 18 years alone on an island off the coast of California. Publication 1960.

    Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings (1896 - 1953; American)

    The Yearling - This story is set in the backwoods of Florida in the 1860's. A twelve year old boy, Jody Baxter, raises an orphaned fawn, but as the animal grows problems arise and he must set it free. Publication 1939.

    Roger Lancelyn Green (1918 - 1987; English)

    The Adventures of Robin Hood by - This is a folktale which began as a ballad during the Middle Ages.

  • Well I'm in high school and I'm not much into fantasy...I love books about life situations and triumph! I suggest these books:

    What's Eating Gilbert Grape? by Peter Hedges

    Copper Sun by Sharon Draper

    Romiette & Julio by Sharon Draper

    The land by Mildred Taylor

    A child called It by David Pelzer

    Sold by Patricia McCormick

    First part last by Angela Johnson

    Good luck!

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    I like old books, you might like some of these too. They are free to read. you can read them on line or copy them to a note pad and read them. That is how I use them.

    Wild Western Stories

    American Tales | Bahá'í | Oz | Best Stories | Bible | Britains

    Buddhist | Islam | Boy's Own | Sci-Fi | For Children | eBooks

    Ocean | Detective | Education | Fairy Tales | Frontier

    Gothic | Heaven | History | Horror | Koran | Mystery | Prophets

    Magazines | Religion | Sagas | Science | 20th Century | Shorts

    Philosophy | Technology | Various | Wild West | From Women

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    I am terrible with summarizing but here it goes lol.....

    The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.... better than the movie,

    it gives you a totally different outlook on Afghanistan.

    If I should die before I Han Nolan.

    Loved this book! sad but amazing! about a girl who joins a group who hails hitler, until she falls into acoma where she takes the life of a jewish girl and experiences the hardships through worldwar II

    A Child Called It... by Dave Pelzer, based on his life. His story about how he was abused by his mom everyday til his school nurse decides to finally do something about it...

    One of those Hideous books where the mother dies... by sonya sones, haha your mom wont like this one,,,, its a fun SHORT read... looks long but took me 2 hours. ha

    there are so many more!!!

    oh and i don't really like reading... im picky,,, ill read the first chapter and if i dont like it i pick a different book... ha

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    I love all of Meg Cabot and Sophie Kinsella's books. I am in the process of reading Emily Giffins books now. They are really great authors.

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    House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski

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    My favourite book at the moment is Twilight, it's an amazing book. It is about vampires, but it's more of a romance then anything else.

    Seriously though, why listen to your mum? You're old enough to decide for yourself what you want to read. But it's your choice, good luck finding something!

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    If you read Twilight, vampires will come in the night and eat your future as a thinking human being.

    Be warned.

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    jacobs ladder

    books by meg rossoff

    books by e.e.richardson

    spiderwick chronicles

    a series of unfortunate events

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    Matthew Reilly

    He is so interesting and appeals to a more intellectual level.

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    cut by patricia mccormick. :)

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