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Why is it that when any pro USA team wins a championship, they call themselves World Champions?

Example... NY Giants, Boston Red Sox, San Antonio Spurs, World Champions???

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    Because they are idiots.

  • 4 years ago

    Uh-Oh I can see all the angry Europeans and Brazilians getting fired up on this one. First things first, don't start with the (insert your country here) can whoop the US in basketball, its irrelevant to the question; and if you asked any other country to evenly disperse its talent over even just 16 teams none of them would hold a candle to a team in a US league that did that. Yes, Im sure your country has a lot of talented players; but not the depth of talent in the US (and to be honest our olympic team loses cause we just send 12 high scorers who want ot make it a dunk show instead of the other countries who are smart enough to build a team). Other than that what would we have to do to make it a "true" world championship, put a team in every country? I mean would Iran need one, or Angola? It would be the only legit way to create a "World Champion". Truth is 99.9% of the best basketball playing talent comes to the NBA to play, from all over the world. The fact that they all play in North America is simply a matter of finances and logistics. If your market could feasbily support an NBA team, and was close enough in travel to do so then I'm sure the NBA would put a team there. But it is a true World Championship.

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    Great question. I do know that some sports include teams from Canada such as the Toranto Blue Jays. I say your pondering question calls for some serious research.

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    they think their cool and want to show off

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