How many ways have they killed Kenny in South Park?

List the Season and Episode as well as how they killed Kenny McCormick in the episode. The person who list the most incidents and list correctly will get 10 points

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    Who Killed South Park's Kenny?

    The many deaths of Kenny McCormick

    Kenny McCormick is a prominent character in Comedy Central's animated show South Park. Kenny consistently dies in humorous and inventive ways in (almost) every episode. Have you ever wondered who really killed Kenny? Well, undoubtedly it's a great many people and things. Death himself is, however, a notable exception as Kenny actually took out Death in one particular episode by beating him to a bloody pulp. Take a look at some of the many deaths of Kenny McCormick from the early years:

    South Park Season 1

    South Park 1.01: Kenny gets squished by the falling MIR Russian space station.

    South Park 1.02: He gets shot in the head by Mr. Garrison. Then, Kenny is catapulted into the air and falls on to a flag pole which spears him through the head.

    South Park 1.04: Kenny gets decapitated in a football game. On a run to the end zone Kenny's limbs and head are pulled from his body by the opposing team. Rats quickly run out and start consuming his body.

    South Park 1.05: Kenny gets thrown into a microwave and cooked to a crisp by a deformed and cloned Stan.

    South Park 1.06: Kenny beats Death to death! Yeah!

    South Park 1.08: The Son of Satan turns Kenny into a duckbilled platypus. Then, Uncle Jimbo shots him as wild game.

    South Park 1.010: The Christmas South Park and Kenny doesn't die!

    South Park 1.011: A thrown sword hits Kenny in the nose and pins him to the wall.

    South Park 1.012: Kenny dies playing Swingball. The rope wraps around his neck tying him to the pole and strangling him.

    South Park 1.013: Kenny is dragged by a runaway go-kart onto railway tracks where he is splattered by a freight train.

    South Park Season 2

    South Park 2.01: South Park Special: Terrance and Philip's "Not without My Anus". The boys don't feature, and therefore, there is no opportunity for Kenny to die.

    South Park 2.02: Kenny valiantly sacrifices himself to save the lives of people on life support in a hospital (including Mephisto) by electrocuting himself. Brave soul!

    South Park 2.03: Kenny is killed by a falling spruce tree during the closing credits.

    South Park 2.04: He falls into an open grave and a headstone drops on top of him.

    South Park 2.05: Kenny gets killed playing dodge ball.

    South Park 2.06: He gets pulled apart in a fight on South Park's answer to Jerry Springer: "Jesus and Pals"

    South Park 2.07: A big black monster carries off Kenny when they get stranded in their school bus.

    South Park 2.08: Kenny gets killed by a giant firework snake.

    South Park 2.09: A crowd rushes out of a cinema and Kenny gets trampled underfoot.

    South Park 2.10: Kenny dies of chicken pox.

    South Park 2.11: A hypnotizing machine at the Planetarium makes Kenny's head explode leading Stan and Kyle to utter the immortal line "Oh my God, we killed Kenny! We're bastards!"

    South Park 2.12: Kenny gets stomped underfoot (again); this time in Cartman's clubhouse on the dance floor.

    South Park 2.13: Kenny's gets the line "Oh my God, they killed Cartman", but Cartman lived. Kenny is killed on the horns of a charging bull.

    South Park 2.14: Ozzy Osborne bites Kenny's head off during the Chef Aid' concert.

    South Park 2.15: Stan's spooky fish kills Kenny. When the gang's back is turned the fish bites him and pulls him into the fish bowl for a swift downing.

    South Park 2.16: In a hostage situation, Kenny is killed by the police in a hail of gunfire as he walked out the house waving a white flag.

    South Park 2.17: Getting off a moving walkway Kenny gets his foot caught and is pulled into the mechanism where he is crushed into a bloody pulp.

    There are so many South park episodes; I couldn't list all of them. Not yet anyway.

    Season 2 contains my favorite South Park moment of all time. In episode seven, the boys and their classmates get stranded in their school bus on the edge of a cliff. The bus is teetering on the edge. The driver leaves them to find help warning them not to wander off as a big monster will get them if they leave the bus. One boy gets bored and decided to brave the outside. Sure enough, a big black monster grabs the boy as the other students look on. As the screams die away and the camera pans back into the bus with the boys some is flung out of the darkness through the air towards the bus. With a bang, the boys bloody skeleton splats against a window. It sticks there for a moment before slowly sliding to the ground. It sounds gruesome, and it is, but it was one of those special South Park moments that just slew me.

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    South Park.

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