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Do Grandparents have rights in the State of Arkansas?

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    As a native New Englander, I can't say I know much about Arkansas State Law. However I can tell you that throughout most of the country Grandparents are entitled to some kind of minimal visitation rights with their grandchildren. This of course is contingent on the fact that the grandparents do not pose any "danger" to the child, which will be determined by the court. Assuming that you are interested in visitation. If you are referring to gaining custody of a child, then the battle is extremely more difficult. Not only will you have to prove to the court that you would make great parents for the child, you would also have to convince the court that his parents are not fit to be parents and actually endangering his well being. Needless to say, if you plan on pursuing any of these options you will need to retain an attorney. Good Luck.

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    Yes, they do. Contact a lawyer in your area as the right can vary slightly from state to state, and you will need help

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