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Stupid Ikariam question?


I started off researching economy.

But I want to research military! How do I switch to researching military? Or do I have to wait to finish all the economy things first.

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    On the left side of the Academy screen, there's a column with some info and buttons. There's a "Change" button between Field of Research and Library which should take you to another screen with all the research categories lined up. Click the "Research Now" button next to Military and you'll swap over from Economy.




    You should really research the above (the first 3 in Economy) because they unlock Warehouses, Trading Posts, and the ability to mine your islands' special resource. The ability to trade is important for gaining resources you need and also for making a profit in gold by selling your spare goods. The fourth research options is Wine Press (which unlocks Taverns), but this can possibly wait if you don't have Wine on your island. Once you obtain Wine, though, you'll want to have this researched.

    Well Digging


    You'll want to research these Science items sometime early on since they're helpful. Otherwise, stick to whatever you feel should be researched.

    I'd hold off on Military for a short while if your island doesn't have Sulphur. You should focus on Economy if you cannot affort to raise an army during the early stages. Your gold income might not be great enough at this point to afford army wages. However, I might recommend researching Military items if you have access to Sulphur and especially if there's a military threat in your area.

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    what do you mean.

    ask your teacher or something.dude.

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