Science Fair Topic questions URGENT?

Uhm, hello i have to do a science fair project at school and it's due on april 21 it's worth like my whole grade so yeah..and i haven't really started because i've been busy & i was wondering if this topid "What gender is more flexible?" would be a good topic and also if you could help me out on ways to figure out which gender is more flexible that would be awesome..and any other suggestions owuld be good too...please & thanks [ =

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  • 1 decade ago
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    thats not a good topic.

    try looking up topics on google.

    my comp is slow today

    or else i wouldve done it for you.

    good luck and i hope you get an A+++

  • 3 years ago

    right that's a exciting one. First you get an egg, and enable it sit down in vinegar, so as that its shell (cellular wall), comes off leaving the cellular membrane. Then record the mass(or weight i assume) of the egg that no longer has its shell. Then soak the egg in water for 10 minutes, then record its mass, and upload ten greater minutes, and record its mass. Then with a diverse egg that has no shell the two, and record its mass. Then place it in corn syrup. And repeat the ten minute ingredient. The egg (for the reason that its a single cellular) will the two take up water (whilst in the water) or launch water (whilst in the syrup), to get to osmosis. Then while your all performed pop the egg in the very backside of a trash can with your hand. (ITS plenty exciting! lol. and after its popped all you have left on your hand is the cellular's membrane, particularly cool huh?). wish i helped! Ohh and additionally you're able to do a huge comprehensive hypothesis on it, and poster and each little thing... on your undertaking.

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