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Rainbow Sandals question?

Hey i've wanted to buy the leather rainbow sandals, I'm a guy with size 12 feet, but I cant fit in them. The length is perfect, it's just that my feet don't fit in the foot strap. I ended up buying the rubber rainbows last year because they fit fine. Is this how they are supposed to be and they just stretch? I tried many of the same size and they were all the same.


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    i have a pair of rainbows of my own.

    i have wide feet and when i put tje sandals on the length was great but the straps were a little tight. but now im happy with them because over time theyve stretched. i think those sandals are supposed to be like that cuz i think there designed to form into your feet.


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    the leather ones streach out alot once you wear them for a while, they are also quite a bit better looking

    they also have a wide version on their website

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    Yeah my brother got the same pair and it did the same thing:)

    Hope i helped


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    dont get them then i would prefer some different ones but if its not noticable definitly get dem

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