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I'm looking for French Bulldogs owners from Columbus/Dublin OH?

I live in Dublin OH. I'd like to meet with French Bulldogs owners, cause I'm going to buy one of them (I like fawn one with a black mask)... may be from Russia. At the first, I need to know difference in standart of USA and Russia. At the second, I haven't seen adult Frenchies before (only puppies in the PetStore and pictures) - I've read a lot of information about them... but I still need a lot of advices about this breed. And owners only can help me... to advice a breeder here. I'd like to meet with someone from my neiberhood. Thank you

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    Your best bet is to visit the French Bulldog Club of America and click their link to breeders that are sorted by state here:

    And then to see actual Frenchies and meet local owners you can check the site, enter your interest and your zip code and it'll show you if there are any breed-related groups in your state or area (such as here: )

    Standards are set by the AKC (in the United States) and the FCI (80+/- member countries)... They both list the same general characteristics for appearance, features, markings, etc., though the US disqualifies dogs weighing more than 28 pounds from competing in conformation, and the FCI allows dogs up to 14 Kilograms and only deducts points for additional weight, so dogs from other countries can be slightly bigger, but not by much.

    Wherever you decide to get your dog from, you should be well-versed on the fact that there are puppy mills in the United States as well as puppy mills abroad (Brazil, Argentina, Hungary, Slovakia, and, yes, even in France and Germany)... Both churn out sickly and ill-bred puppies purely for profit, whether purchased in a US pet store or through an "importer" that poses as a breeder... Then you need to know that there are "show millers"... Under the guise of being reputable and showing their dogs in conformation, they generally tend to produce many litters and will always have puppies available or anticipated... While some of their dogs are, indeed, OFA-certified and their eyes are CERF-tested, they pretty much derive their income from the sale of puppies, so they're rather lax at the hands-on attention and socialization of the puppies which'll inevitably develop things like demodex mange or other skin problems... The best of all are the true "hobby" breeders... They show their dogs in conformation proudly, select breeding candidates that genuinely enhance and improve the breed, they raise a limited number of puppy litters (only one or two per year) and devote a great deal of attention to raising healthy puppies, of which some are available to buyers that will either be interested in showing the dog all the way through achieving championship, or to buyers of puppies that are deemed "lap companions" or "pampered pets" that will be spayed or neutered responsibly in contractual stipulations that are strictly adhered to.

    Good luck in your search.


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    Have you attended any dog shows to talk to breeders? That may be your first step. The chances of finding a responsible breeder in your neighborhood are slim. Please don't buy one from a pet shop. If you are an adult you must know how expensive this dog and its care will be. If you are a child (as I suspect from your language) then talk to your parents about this dream of yours.

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    Hi Natasha.

    Don't know anyone in that area, but if you would like some info / advice / help, send me an e-mail.

    Source(s): Hobby Breeder of Frenchies.
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