Verbs And adjectives?


IO need to improve my writing style and vocab,

So could you please leave me a list of really good adjectives and verbs.. none too complicated or flamboyant.



english ones please. :)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    verbs: take, wear, run, eat, climb, sprint, scare, hit, beat, play, talk, sprinkle, come, sit, vindicate, extrapolate, scatter, estimate, scribble,... any action taken.

    adj: elaborate, stupendous, seductive, idealy, monstrous, vividly, spontaneous, precautious, scary, scarious, slavish, sneaky, scribbly, stoutish, sniffy, specific, specious, scarce, scarious, scathing, scatty, scenic, scholarly, sceptical, scheming, scattered, spacious, spherical, straggling, extravagant, sure, scandalous, specular, supersonic, superficial, surgical, mechanical, tempestous, teperable, supertitious, surficial, surly, seditious, surpassing, scaly, scandent, ... things that describes.

  • Diana
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    1 decade ago

    In any particular language? :-)

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