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math question on finding percents and quantities?

Jacquie found out that 40% of the 1,800 students in her school are going to the pep rally.

a) What percent are not going? -- 60%

now i need help and whut do you put on the calculator to find it?

b) how many students are not going to the rally?

c) what fraction ( in lowest terms ) will be at the pep rally?

d) what decimal shows the percent of students not attending?

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    a) 100 - (the percent going) = (the percent not going)

    40 = (the percent going)

    100 - 40 = (the percent not going)

    the percent not going = 60

    b) we know 60% of the students are not going to the rally...

    so it is 60% of 1800

    60% = 60/100 OR 3/5 OR .6

    60% of 1800 also means 60% * 1800

    3/5 * 1800

    1170 students are not going to the rally

    c) converting a percentage to a fraction is easy, just take the fraction and put it over 100

    so 40% would become 40/100... that simplifies to 2/5

    d) changing to a decimal is also easy... 60% means 60/100, which means .60 or .6

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    b) Turn 60% into a fraction by dividing by 100. This gives you .6. Multiply .6 and 1800 together to find out the number of students not going to the rally.

    c) Same concept as above, turn 40% into a decimal by dividing by 100 then multiply it into 1800 to obtain a number. Then simply divide that number by 1800 to obtain a decimal. Multiply that decimal by 100 to get it into a percent.

    d) Take the number of students not attending and divide that by 1800.

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