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Is this true about Robert E. Lee's mother?

Robert E. Lee's mother was supposedly dead (maybe in a coma) and put in a casket. Prior to being buried, her husband heard a noise/a voice? and opened the casket and she was alive. Years later she had Robert E. Lee.

I have heard of this story but never could document it. Is it fact or fiction? Can you help?


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    Here is the true story:

    Ann Hill Carter was a refined young woman from one of the wealthiest and oldest families in Virginia. She spent her girlhood at the famous Shirley Plantation on the James River, which the Hills’ and Carters’ had inhabited since the 1600s, shortly after the establishment of the Jamestown Colony. During Ann’s childhood, most, if not all, of the Virginia signatories to the Declaration of Independence had been guests at Shirley Plantation.

    But Ann did not enjoy good health, and even harbored fears of becoming an invalid; fears that eventually were realized. She is reported to have suffered from narcolepsy, a sleep disorder that was little understood at the time. Victims of this disease experience frequent daytime sleepiness and sometimes fall into "sleep paralysis." An extreme attack of sleep paralysis, a deep trance-like state, could cause the cessation of normal reflexes and sensations.

    Ann Hill Carter was only 20 years old in 1793 when she married the celebrated Henry Lee III, then Governor of Virginia and soon to become a member of Congress. Lee’s skilled horsemanship had earned him the nickname "Lighthorse Harry" and he was esteemed for his combat heroics in the Revolutionary War where he served under General George Washington. Seventeen years Ann’s senior, Henry was a widower with three children by his first wife who died in 1790. With her marriage, Ann became mistress of Stratford Hall and during the first decade of her marriage to Henry, she bore him four children.

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