Is Russia now a developed country?

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    I would say Russia is still a developing nation...

    Of course, poverty in Russia and other former Soviet republics is not in most cases probably as extreme and gruesome as in some other parts of the world. Nonetheless, it is a very serious factor contributing to the growth of deprivation and the general decline in the quality of life and human capital in the country. This affects negatively its international competitiveness as is evident from the UN sponsored Human Development Index.

    The move to the system of flexible production is not guaranteed. In a society in which the economy is weakly subordinated to social arrangements, that is, in a weak civil society, system of mass standardized production may retain its dominance. In a sense, Russia faces a choice. From the era of state socialism it has inherited a very rigid system of production firmly rooted in the principles of Fordism. The first decade of post-communism has done little to change the situation. If social capital and social trust do not receive attention they require before long, the social system of flexible production cannot be introduced on a large scale. As a result Russia may fall behind other economies, probably irreversibly, in terms of its capacity to generate economic growth and overcome poverty. In this sense the attitude of Russian corporations to corporate social responsibility is becoming more than just a factor in determining success and legitimacy of individual corporations. Restoring trust and credibility becomes a task of national significance. The manner in which corporate social responsibility develops in Russia in the near future may have implications that will determine its competitive position in the world economy.

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    Can a country be called a developing nation if it refuses to develop for decades? How much time do you give to a market to emerge before you stop calling it an emerging market?

    It causes considerable distress to Russians to hear their country has a Third World economy. Few of the symptoms and diseases of the Russian economy are either new or unique to Russia, and the country has problems similar to those of many African, Latin American and Asian nations.

    Russians prefer their country to be called an "emerging market," which is still different from emerging Asian Tigers -- countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia that were showing double-digit growth till their economies crashed in 1996-97.

    Another country that gets all worked up at being labeled backward and denied entry into pointless organizations such as the U.N. Security Council is my native India. The Security Council, which of late has only been doing latrine duty for the Americans, is the dream club of many a nation.

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    Russia is basically a Third World country that refuses to accept the fact that it is.

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    who makes those definitions? WTO and UN? Now i have got why its called developing...

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