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breakfast at tiffanys/ tiffany and co room theme ideas??

any ideas, i already know robin egg blue walls and white furniture, any other ideas?


its a bedroom for a teenager

Update 2:

i really want to give best anwser to the second question, but none of the links work, so if ucan try to fix the links i will give it to u, otherwise i will give it to anwser 1, because that picture does work, both of u did amazing jobs though, so, im still not sure

Update 3:

my insane friends....i seerisoulsy said none of that, sorry!

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    A Tiffany's style in my mind speaks crystals/glass, silver tones, with light aqua color and white (Audrey’s favorite color). Think of the Tiffany's boxes/bags. Maybe two shades of aqua-bluish stripes, vertical or horizontal on the walls w/a silverish (grayish)color trim . Add crystal, glass, silver and white/cream accents/accessories and a beautiful cream color long haired rug by the bed. Use black and white photos of Audrey Hepburn and photos of New York City in varying sizes. For the bed I would "glam" it up by using cream color bedding with white and silver accent pillows alternating; with one Tiffany's style blue pillow in the center. For sheets look for ones with patterns, rather than solid colors that correspond with your color scheme. For a dresser I would go with white but if you really want to “glam” up dresser you can use your existing dresser and cover it in mirrored tiles. If you have room for a seating area by the window (window area should be light and airy); I would put a small white slightly modern round table like here: ( DOCKSTA from IKEA), covered with a pale/Tiffany style blue throw accented with silver candle holders or a silver vase with white roses. Then put a modern arm chair like this: ( KLAPPSTA from IKEA) and accent the chair with Tiffany style blue accent pillows and one small silver one. On the table/or nightstand by the bed put a copy of Pamela Clarke Keogh Audrey Style Biography ( Also I would look for a mirror that is floral etched in white; these are quite common in the stores now. Put in a "crystal" chandelier for lighting (like this: (KRISTALLER) or like this: Tear Drop Chandelier from Urban Outffiters ) For other lighting like a bedside lamp I would go with a lamp with shades trimmed with grosgrain ribbon - perhaps stripes.

    Also here are some other ideas that incorporate the Old Hollywood look, where you can just subsitute the colors listed as suggetions with your Tiffany style color theme:

    Here are some photo inspirations for you:

    (can paint your bedroom walls in a light chocolate brown, look for white furniture or you can paint existing furniture in a antique white finish...accent with silver, crystal/glass...and other pale colors (like pale gray, gold for art and pillows) (Would change the color combination to silver & white, chocolate & white, or gold and white, accented with glass table, black and white photos, satin sheers, and a chandelier) ( ) (Look at the 2nd and 3rd picture)

    hope this helps...good luck :)

    LINKS should work this time

    Source(s): Ok I just fixed all the links...hope this works out better for you...if the Ikea and Urban Outfitter suggestion do not work i gave you the exact name of the products so that you can do a search on IKEA and Urban Outffitters...sorry for the inconvience
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  • 1 decade ago

    which room are we talking about?

    which room depicts what ideas

    this is a traditional tiffany bedroom but i think you would be looking for a lighter feel

    pile on the glam aspect, pick up an over the top mirror somewhere cheap and spray it silver, a dressing table with lights around is a must and you can buy gift boxes in different sizes, have those sitting piled in size for all those bits and pieces teens have

    and glam the bed, perhaps even a canopy

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  • 5 years ago

    Cheapest Place for tiffany jewelry

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  • 1 decade ago

    OMG this is such an awesome idea...I agree with the one who answered above me. LOVE this Idea so much that I am going to STEAL her suggestions too lol...Sorry. The links worked for me. Here are some other ideas to if you are interested. Look for Silver vases and add white roses. And you can also accent with hint of red and chocolate brown or milk chocolate brown. Have fun with your room!

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  • Judith
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    Orange, Silver, Black, White, Grey

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