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does halo 3 go towards your download usage?

all i want to noe is does playing xbox live halo 3 or any other game is that download or uploading and if so does it go towards ur download usuage. also how much is play 1 hour of xbox live ,how much is the upload/download amount...sorry about the grammar cbs im in a hurry... LOLZ


meanning if ive got 6GB download limit will that go down when playing Xbox online ...for example i play 4 hours and that like 3 mbs will that go down into download limit so that it becomes 5.997 Gb

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    It uses upload and download data on your broadband so your ISP will count it as data toward your download usage (if you do not have an uncapped plan).

    This is completely seperate from your Xbox Live subscription which is just the rights to access Microsoft's service, not the actual medium used to get to the internet (your broadband) which is pre-required to access Xbox Live.

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    I dont know what you mean by download usage. But you are not downloading anything by just playing online.

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    no it doesnt because thats why you pay for xbox live

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