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Traveling from Paris to Annecy and vice-versa?

hi friends, i am traveling from Paris to Annecy by train and since this is my first travel to France, I am looking for information in Paris and Annecy.

1 what's the bus fare from CDG airport to Gare de Lyon Station? What about taxi fare and where can I take taxi at the airport.

2 Does anyone know how to get from train station at Annecy to foundation merieux institute, Les Pensieres, Veyrier- du-lac. what will be best mode of transportation and cost?

3 how far is mont blanc from institution and whats the cost like to visit mont blanc?

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    1. The air France shuttle will take you to Gare de Lyon for 14 euros.

    2. There are regularly scheduled buses which go from Annecy to the conferernce center. The bus trip takes about 15 minutes.

    3. Mont Blanc itself is a considerable distance from Annecy to the east. It is a bit less than 90 km to Saint-Gervais-les-Bains where the tramway du Mont Blanc begins its 75-minute haul to the Nid d'Aigle, a vantage point on the northwest slope. Chamonix-Mont Blanc, the base camp for all Mont Blanc activities, is 30km further on.

    Please note that Annecy itself is one of the most popular resort towns of the French Alps. It is an ancient city with beautiful architecture and a gorgeous setting with a lake to one side and mountains all around. the Canal du Thiou which drains the lake into the River Fier has many branchs and gives part of the city the appearance of a sort of alpine Venice.

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