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英文自傳翻譯 (((急)))

有人能幫我翻嗎??? 拜託了!!!



對電子的興趣是由於近年來電子產業蓬勃發展已成為國內工業不可或缺的重要產業,加上本身是新竹人,科學園區所需要的人才,便是屬於這個領域的;因此電子資訊人才在需求上更是殷切。而華梵大學的設備符合國家科技產業的發展,也積極培養我們的專業知識。學生入學後的目標以增廣對電子相關領域之知識為基礎,並更進一步對一特定電子科技領域做專精且深入之研究。就讀大學是 我人生第一個實現,而對我來說之後的挑戰將會更多,不斷激發學習遣能自我成長成為一個有專業知識的人。經過大學系統化的教育訓練和專業知識的深造,可以快速培養自己因應複雜環境的能力。


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    I was born in a very warm family on 1987.4.12.

    Go out to travel, listen to the music, sing in my interest, many ranges use the computer, sport ( Swimming, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, billiards, bowling) , research NBA and all kinds of football matches, F1 racing-cycles of Europe.

    Make me produce very great interest to physics because of F1 racing-cycle too. Dr.eye: The interest in electron is to grow vigorously and already become the indispensable important industry of domestic industry because of the electronic industry in recent years, add itself from Hsinchu, talent science park need, to belong to the field; So electronic information talents are more ardent on the demand.

    And the equipment of China Buddhist university accords with the development of the national scientific and technological industry, train our professional knowledge actively. Dr.eye: Student's goal after entering school regards increasing the knowledge to the relevant fields of electron as the foundation, go still one step further to make specially precise and deep research to the scientific and technological field of one specific electron. Dr.eye: It is that I realize first in life to go to the college, and challenges later will be more for me, be exciting and can grow up and become a person with professional knowledge to send oneself to study constantly.

    Through university systematized education and training and pursuit of advanced studies of professional knowledge, can train because oneself should complicated ability of environment fast.

    University students study specialized knowledge, put down deeply the thesis and academy, these training objective military affairs train students with thinking ability students wish eagerly to combine the ability that the university train in the face of problem and analysis, logic while solving the problem again, become a social person with specialized personnel.

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