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SFPs(single feature polymorphisms)是什麼呢?

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    A probe-level model for analysis of GeneChip gene-expression data is presented which identified more than 10,000 single-feature polymorphisms (SFP) between two barley genotypes.探針層次分析模型的基因芯片基因表達數據是其中找出超過10000(single feature polymorphisms)單特徵多態性(SFP )兩種大麥基因型。

    The method has good sensitivity, as 67% of known single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNP) were called as SFPs.

    該方法具有良好的靈敏度, 67 %的被稱為單核苷酸多態性( SNP的)被稱為羊栖菜多醣。

    This method is applicable to all oligonucleotide microarray data, accounts for SNP effects in gene-expression data and represents an efficient and versatile approach for highly parallel marker identification in large genomes.



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