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Turned out Fallopian was doing a history of private mail delivery in the U.S., attempting to link the Civil War to the postal reform movement that had begun around 1845. He found it beyond simple coincidence that in of all years 1861 the federal govern-ment should have set out on a vigorous suppression of those independent mail routes still surviving the various Acts of '45, '47, '51 and '55, Acts all designed to drive any private competition into financial ruin. He saw it all as a parable of power, its feeding, growth and systematic abuse, though he didn't go into it that far with her, that particular night. All Oedipa would re-member about him at first, in fact, were his slender build and neat Armenian nose, and a certain affinity of his eyes for green neon.

So began, for Oedipa, the languid, sinister bloom-ing of The Tristero. Or rather, her attendance at some unique performance, prolonged as if it were the last of the night, something a little extra for whoever'd stayed this late. As if the breakaway gowns, net bras, jeweled garters and G-strings of historical figuration that would fall away were layered dense as Oedipa's own street-clothes in that game with Metzger in front of the Baby Igor movie; as if a plunge toward dawn indefinite black hours long would indeed be necessary before The Tris-tero could be revealed in its terrible nakedness. Would its smile, then, be coy, and would it flirt away harmlessly backstage, say good night with a Bourbon Street bow and leave her in peace? Or would it instead, the dance ended, come back down the runway, its luminous stare locked to Oedipa's, smile gone malign and pitiless; bend to her alone among the desolate rows of seats and begin to speak words she never wanted to hear?

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    結果變為Fallopian在做歷史的私人的郵車在美國., 嘗試連結南北戰爭到開始了在周圍1845的郵局的改良運動人.他發現它超過簡單巧合那個在的全部年1861這國家的管理支配-ment應該有安置向外在一精力旺盛鎮壓的那些獨立的郵件路線還倖存的這多種〈新約〉的1945, 早期英語 , n 和1955, 〈新約〉全部設計好的到駕駛任何私人的角逐到金融財政毀滅. 夜晚他鋸它完全當做寓言的能力,它的飼養,成長和體系的濫用,雖然他不進入它那麼遠隨著她的,那個特別的. 開始全部的Oedipa會錸-會員大約他, 其實,他的細長的構造和整潔的亞美尼亞鼻是,和某一親和力的他的眼睛為了綠色的氖.

    如此開始,為了Oedipa,疲倦的,險惡的開花-ing的Tristero. 更精確地說,她的出席在某些獨特的履行,拖延的好像它是最後的夜晚,某事一些額外的人為了無論誰暫住了這晚的. 如同假如這分離長袍, 網胸罩, 飾有寶石的吊襪帶和G-字串的歷史的成形那個將會落下離開是分層的密集如同Oedipa的自己的街道-衣服在那個遊戲和Metzger在前面的這嬰兒Igor電影; 好像投入有希望的黎明不確定的黑色的小時長的真正地會是必要的之前三體帆船-tero可能是顯示在它的可怕的裸出. 會它的微笑, 然後,是怕羞的,和它會忽然彈出遠無害地在後台,說晚安和波旁皇族街道鞠躬和離開她的和平?會它代替,舞蹈結束,回來向下跑道,它的發光的凝視鎖到Oedipa的,微笑去惡毒的和無情的; 屈服於她的獨自在中間荒涼的排的座位和開始到說話文字她從不想要聽到人?

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