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my crested gecko has metabolic bone diseas!?


I have a female cresed gecko about 2 ½ years of age that I bought from pet kingdom and she is diagnosed with metabolic bone disease. The first time I noticed something was wrong with her was about two months from now and I took her to an exotic animal hospital (Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital). Dr.Jenkins (Jeffery R. Jenkins, D.V.M.) <http:drexotic.com/bio_jenkins.htm> suggested I inject her with pure calcium, put her under a 100 – 120 watt heat lamp, and put her also under a UVB lamp. The same day I went to Pet Kingdom and spoke with their crested gecko breeder who said he has delt with metabolic bone disease with crested geckos and when I mentioned Dr.Jenkins the breeder told us to not listen to a word that man tells you because he has no clue what he is talking about and he mainly works with birds. The breeder suggested we give the gecko no light, and feed her “Neo cal glucon” (calcium glubionate) mixed with baby food (apple, pair, mango..) and plain flavored yogurt. He said if you inject shots of calcium, it will just form clumps on her body but if you feed her that mix she will actually digest the food, be able to swallow, and grow back to normal. The breeder also said if you put her under a 100 – 120 watt light she will burn to death!

So I went with the breeders suggestions and for the past two months or so I have been feeding her the babyfood-neocalglucon-yogurt mix but so far there have been no signs of my gecko improving or getting worse. I am not sure what side of this conflict to choose! I need all of the help I can get! If you have any suggestions please feel free to contact me!

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    Reptiles need UVb to metabolize calcium, nocturinal reptile need less but they still need it.The diet is perfectly fine but with out the UVb it isn't going to help.

    add in-

    Metabolic bone disease (MBD) is an umbrella term that covers a number of disorders related to the weakening of the bone or impaired systems function caused by an imbalance in vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorus. This imbalance may be caused by a lack of or too much of one of these three essential elements or the failure to provide one or more of them in a bioavailable form. Many foods highly touted for their calcium content, such as spinach, carrots, collards, chards and other thick leafy greens, contain calcium oxalates that bind calcium. This renders most or all dietary calcium, both that contained in the foods and that added to the foods as supplements, unavailable for maintenance and growth, depending on the quantities ingested.

    Moderate to severe cases of MBD require the proper diet, temperatures, and light wavelengths as well as a more powerful calcium supplement than those found in pet stores. Oral administration of calcium glubionate (NeoCalglucon®) or injections of calcium lactate (Calphosan®) or calcium gluconate are generally prescribed by veterinarians

    Here is links on MBD and UV light for reptiles






    I know many people will disagree with them needing UVb, but in the wild they receive small amounts at dusk and dawn(they do sometimes bask at these times) and diffused penatration between rocks,bark and other cover.

    You have followed the breeders advice with no improvement, I suggest going back to the vet. If you don't want to go back to the same one at least one find another exotic animal vet.

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    I'd suggest going to a different vet and getting a second opinion. The breeder was right about the bulb. Anything over about 83 degrees for an extended amount of time will kill your crested from dehydration and overheating. I disagree with the calcium shots, though. They will NOT cause lumps and are a very good way to improve calcium. Also, UVB is excellent even for nocturnal animals for curing MBD.

    So I disagree with both the vet and the breeder. I would suggest doing the shots, getting her temps up to 78-80 degrees, putting a UVB bulb on her for 12 hours a day (not through screen or glass, mounting in the cage is best) and getting a second opinion.

    Here are 2 links to find a different vet:



    Source(s): Mom to 9 cresties
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    Crested Gecko Diseases

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    MBD isn't a contagious ailment, it incredibly is a deficiency. this is while the leopard gecko isn't recieving the corrent quantity of calcium. A swollen foot? It fairly sounds greater like an infection than MBD, you will probable ought to take him to the vets, if this is an infection it will be taken care of!

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