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Fantasy Baseball team (please rate)?

I am sort of new to Fantasy Baseball and need to know how good or not good my team is. I am in an 8 team league.

C- Brian McCann

1B- Prince Fielder

2B- Rickie Weeks

3B- Arimas Ramriez

SS- Jose Reyes

OF- Carlos Beltran

OF- Lance Berkman

OF- Eric Byrnes

Util- Travis Hafner

Util- Nick Markakis

BN- Nick Swisher

BN- Matt Kemp

SP- Javier Vasquez

SP- Brad Penny

SP- Ben Sheets

RP- Billy Wagner

RP- Joba Chamberlin

P- Carlos Zambrano

P- Chris Young

BN- Carlos Marmol

BN- Edwin Jackson

BN- Adam Wainwright

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    For this team, I would give 7/10.

    Your team is pretty well-rounded offensive wise. If Lance Berkman manages to stay healthy, he will put up 30/100 numbers like he did for previous two seasons. Fielder, Ramirez, Hafner, and Beltran, despite the draft picks, are not performing to their full capacity yet but once they heat up, your RBI and HR numbers will increase crazy. You also have two of the top three base stealers in the league. Weeks and Reyes are not only great base stealers, they have great potential to help you in run category. Rickie Weeks already have 13 leading the league and Reyes' number should pump up soon.

    Pitching looks a bit concern. Ben Sheets is unreal right now but he gets hurt very easily. Zambrano and Young looks great, Zambrano being K machine and Young's unreal ERA will help your pitching in future. As soon as Mets regain their composure, you should see great numbers from Wagner but other than that, your relief pitching looks a bit below normal.

    Overall, you need to make some trades. I would say trade Fielder either now or once he starts to heat up because he is coming off of career season and most players do not do well after coming off of career season. Your team is good but I would say they are just off to slow start. Good luck!

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    If I were you, I'd try and upgrade your RP.

    Other than Billy Wagner, you don't have anyone that's going to get you saves.

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    DANG! 9/10

    p.s. when i saw your team i thought it was like a 6 team league.

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