how can i find an inmates information like credit earned and release date online from a county jail???

its in marshall county in tennessee i want to know his good days and credits he has and when his realese date is

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    One other way is to call the jail itself, ask for visitation or records. They can give you an outdate, that is considered public knowledge. Good days and credit are not considered public knowledge however. But you will get the outdate with a phone call.

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    I doubt that this kind of suggestion is interior the widespread public realm! think of approximately it . . . there are a lot of people on the outdoors who're unhappy with those interior. allowing all of us who needs to comprehend while all of us inmate is going to return strolling out, could lead on them to an elementary purpose for a scheduled 'hit'! call the power, & ask them a thank you to define out, or, whether you may.

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    Go to, type in department of corrections. You probably can't get the information about credit earned, but you can get the release date.

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    go to there county inmate on line information type there name and birthday and ss number

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    Criminal Records Search Database :

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