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Puppy Mills?

THEY ARE HORRIBLE!! Please help me stop them by joining the websites on Stop the puppy mills.... They are horrible if you dont belive me watch this.

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Thank you for helping!


In these Puppy Mills they never walk or talk to these sweet inocent animals only tell them to shut up or breed more!! Help prevent this do not buy the puppy in the window they came from puppy mills!!! They feed them once if that a day and they are forced to live in small cages locked in 4ever or until they are sold or die in despair

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    omg that is just so hard to watch..

    something has to be done about this..its just so cruel

    another thing i know about puppy mills is i heard that the people shoot the dogs once they cant have any more puppies..its just soo sad..

    i wish/hope that the soon new to be president will do something about this..

    pray for them every single day-

    edit::: omg seriously..those puppy mill owners need to be locked up in a metal cage and starved for weeks to see how it feels!

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    Puppy mill workers/owners/anyone associated with them don't deserve to breathe the same air as the rest of the world! (Them and all the other horrible people that taint this planet). They just don't understand that animals are living, breathing, and loving creatures who have feelings too! I hope the puppies went to wonderful homes, though :(

    And can I point out that even though everyone says that we should boycott pet store puppies because we can get through to the puppy mills by boycotting the store, the pet store puppies need homes too! If we don't buy them, the pet store usually has the puppy put to death and puppy mills will just end up selling them to corrupt breeders.

    Save the animals!

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    I know it makes me sick, I will never buy from a pet store or from a breeder, plenty of great and loving dogs in the shelter

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    OMG So sad so so so sad those people should be shot or focred t live like that good luck wt hy our petiton girl

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    Welcome to the sad truth about commercial breeders who supply America's pet shops.

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    yes they are horrible!!!

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