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JB!!!!!! Who else is pumped up for Camp Rock??!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I am really excited for this movie, but we only get the local channels. We only have, CBS, ABC, PBS, NBC, KUSI, and the CW.Can you guys think of a really really good excuse for me to go to my friends house to watch it? It has to be reallly reeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallly good. Or if it is posted online somewhere, can someone send me the link? I also heard that this movie was gonna air on ABC one day after it was aired on Disneychannel. DOes anyone know if this is true?


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    1 decade ago
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    really looking forward to it

    Camp Rock is a 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie starring the teen pop sensations the Jonas Brothers. It begins June 20 2008. [1] The musical is written by Julie Brown, Paul Brown, Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. The movie is directed by Matthew Diamond and produced by Alan Sacks. [1] On January 25, 2008, during the commercials for Minutemen it was announced that Camp Rock would debut in June 2008

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, it will premiere on ABC after it premieres on the Disney Channel as a part of a huge premiere weekend. It will be on Disney DXD too. My excuse for going to friends house is you need to just ask them if you can watch it round their house. Good honesty really. If they refuse (which they are not really good friends if they do), suggest studying together, then turn on the t.v at the time when it is on, then suggest you watch it. Thats all i've got, hope it helped somehow =]

    Source(s): Yes, I am sooooooo pumped for this movie. It should just come out already!!
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