i shoot a compound bow and its set at 45 pound draw weight. is that enough to kill a deer?

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    45? a straping hunter should pull round at least 65, you should workout a little more

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    You can yske s deer wit a 45# bow though like others, I will sayy that is a bit light. I don't know anything about you, but here are some things to keep in mind. Most compounds a few years ago were 50-55 and that was thought to be strong. The tech. keeps improving and for a bit, everyone and his brother shot 60-70# bows.

    Lots of shooters found 70 too much to pull so they would shoot at the low end of the range however bows are designed to be most efficient when topped out. What that means is, a 60# bow will usually be a little faster and quieter in the 50-60 version than in the 60-70.

    You will move up but you should never try to hunt with more than you can pull and hold comfortably. For me, I could shoot a 70, but I have and shoot a 60 well and that is sufficient to kill anything, including Elk.

    So have a good time and take your deer at 30 yards this year or closer, and work your way up to more power so you can shoot a little more bow in the future. You will find heavy tips are better for harvesting (125 Gr) but you should have more bod to launch them.

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    i shoot a compound bow and its set at 45 pound draw weight. is that enough to kill a deer?

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    45 Pound Bow

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    Thats more than enough. There are bows with the right shot you COULD kill at 35. But 40 is the minimum in most states. like IL. i am pulling 45 too. If it gets hard and you get shakey. was told to lower it about 3 pounds and just shoot more often to build that muscle. and before bow season you just raise it and shoot a few times. A Pro told me that. i did it. it works alot better.

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    46 lbs of draw-weight is enough to take down a kudu (large, heavy-boned African antelope, roughly the same size/weight as a small American Elk or large White-tail Deer).... So yeah, 45 lbs should be more than enough to take down a deer. Use a tough, sharp broadhead on an arrow heavy enough to get good penetration, with enough accuracy to place the arrow in the proper spot, and you shouldn't have any real problems.

    Oh, that kudu -- it was taken with 46-lb LONGBOW by a woman named Sandie Karch (of 3Rivers Archery) a few years ago. And her arrow was a light-weight at around 485 grains. Yeah, in bowhunting it's actually the ACCURACY and PENETRATION that counts -- not how fast it gets there.

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    "I shoot a compound bow and its set at 45 pound draw weight. is that enough to kill a deer?"


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    45 lbs is plenty to kill a deer - in Louisiana the minimum weight is an un believable 30 lbs- You do need to shoot a two blade super sharp broadhead in the low poundage settings - you will get better penetration with the two blades.

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    yes it will. i start in June and i start shooting in my backyard 20-30 min 3 afternoons a week then a season comes closer i shoot just about everyday. it will also help to have your hunting buddy come over and shoot with you. keeps you shooting longer at first.

    just keep shooting and you will get stronger.

    my oldest son is 13 and he shoots 45 he killed his first deer with a bow last year. 22 yds. ran only 25-30 yds

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    it's not the bow poundage that kills the deer it's the amount of penetration you get inti the animal and that is determined by velocity of the arrow. today's newer bows are a lot faster than they used to be ant it is allowing hunters to draw less poundage and still make the kill... but i would have to say yes 45lbs is plenty..

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    Ya bud just dont have the range. i dunno how old you are but 45 is pretty light. shoot more often and get that weight up it will be less frustratin sitting there thinkin if he was only 10 yrds closer i would have a new wall ornament

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