Are there brushes in my 1 hp electric motor?

The motor is attached to my craftsman table saw? It's an older motor, belt drive, hangs out the back. model era 113.----------. Thanks


It's not like a cars generator /alternator where you have brushes. This is an electric motor pluged into 110v.

Update 2:

There is a large starting capicator bulge on the out side of the motor. I had it tested and they said it was ok.

When I turn on the motor there is a hum but it won't get turning even if I try giving it a push to get it turning.

What would be the problem if there arien't any brushes. bad windings, which means the motor is a gonner. Too expensive to rebuild. Cheaper to buy another table saw?

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    If its a induction motor then no. The quick way to tell an induction motor is to look for the large capacitor often bolted to the side. This doesn't cover every type but is reasonable indication.

    A universal motor does have brushes and commutator and are used in many domestic appliances. A motor of this type will most likely be enclosed by some part of the machine because exposed you will see the commutator.

    Edit, Since it looks like an induction motor, it has no brushes. There are a few different types of induction motor so you need to establish which type.

    They all contain 2 windings so you can do a basic continuity check with a multimeter to see they are not open circuit. Since it has a capacitor and most likely type anyway is capacitor start, induction run. A common fault is the centrifugal switch contact may need cleaning and would cause it to hum and not turn. The switch contact should be closed when the motor is stopped (it opens when the motor reaches a certain speed)

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    Odds are not. Most of the motors used for table saws are induction motors using no brushes, just large windings which produce a very strong magnetic field and turn a large stator, which of course, produces the torque to turn the blade.

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    yes there bush in the motor at the end where there no pullyat some you take the two blot out then the back will come of and you will see them , and some are under plug on the body of the motor. at the back, all motor got bushing in them to make the field.

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    yes- you should find 2 round caps near the rear of the motor- brushes are under them

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    probably not if it is belt drive and about 8 inchs in diameter

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