Specifically, what is it that non catholic Christians wish to convey to Catholics and what do Catholics?

wish to convey to non Catholic Christians?


gotcatholic - just to point out, I am a former Catholic who was Catholic for over 20 years. So I do know what I am missing, but I don't view it as missing something, I have simply decided a teaching closer to what is in the Bible.

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    As a Catholic, I wish to convey my desire for the Lord's Church to be reunified -- we are brothers and sisters in Christ and there is no need for this discord, such as the multiple people above claiming that Catholicism is not Christianity or that it leads people astray. Also, I wish to convey my desire that non-Catholic Christians actually take the time to learn what Catholicism truly is, because you all seem to be operating under grave misconceptions that are easily disproved.

    Isn't it fascinating that the Catholic responders are all saying things about building understanding, unity, mutual respect, while the majority of non-Catholics are using this as an opportunity to attack Catholicism? And yet Christ prayed that we would all be one!

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    As a non Catholic Christian, I would first like to express my desire that we be united in the "essential" doctrines of Christianity and stop bickering about the "non essentials".

    As Christians, we are all here to further God's Kingdom and set our denominational differences aside.

    It's not about us!!!

    Secondly, since I have been here on R & S, I have see a lot of "Catholic bashing" from all religions. One of the questions that is asked here on R & S repeatedly is "What is the difference between Catholics and Christians"? Obviously, many people are not aware that Catholics are Christians.

    So I would like to address Catholics with this question.

    What is the reason there is so much Catholic bashing and why are people not aware that Catholics are Christians???

    Catholics always give the answer, that others have been misinformed and are mistaken about the Catholic Church.

    Is this the truthful real reason or an easy denial?

    Food for thought.

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    I am a former Catholic, and now have no religion but do have deist beliefs.

    What I'd like to convey to anti-Catholics is that they should not criticize what they don't understand. They should also respect the beliefs of Catholics, and accept that Catholics believe what they do for very good reasons. Chances are they understand their religion better than the haters do. Carebear above, for example, has listed a couple examples of what Catholics DON'T believe.

    If you are going to reject Catholicism, do it for the right reasons. Don't do it based on misinformation you have been fed from radical fundamentalist Christians. Chances are the information is incorrect.

    Creation: Did you know that chick.com is listed as an official hate site? It's on the hate map at the Southern Poverty Law Center website. Also, did you know that Catholics are not only Christians, but among the very first Christians?

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    I guess, I would like to convey to them that I am definately a Christian, I do not worship ANYONE outside of the Trinity. And I feel that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I wish that all Christians could return to the Catholic Church, but I don't believe they will, so I'm not really concerned about "turning" people. When I answer anti-Catholic questions, my goal is to stop disinformation, not convince the poster that their current denomination is evil, or something.

    I'd like to help stop the Catholic bashing and promote a little bit of understanding. When it comes to non-Catholic Christians, I've experienced a lot of compassion and a lot of real ugliness. I'd like to see us treat each other with compassion since we are all Christians.

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    Personally, I am saddened that so many Christians spend their time attacking my Church. That is why I am here. I have posted questions that are based on attacks by protestants in the hope that the truth can become known.

    My entire family is protestant. I am a convert to the Catholic faith. I was an agnostic before. You cannot even begin to imagine what you are missing as a non-Catholic. There are really very few truly faithful Catholics in the Church and the other Catholics here can surely attest to that, I believe.

    You honestly have *no idea* what you are talking about when you post your anti-Catholic "information". Truly, it's not the real story. That's what I am here for.

    EDIT -- DMD, the vast majority of Catholics who were catechized after Vatican II haven't the slightest idea what the authentic teachings of the Church are. There have been many books written about it. Try Prodigal Daughters: Catholic Women Come Home to the Church. I will send you a free copy if you like.

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    Many non Catholics want to convey to Catholics that we are not bible-based, that we worship idols, and that Mary is inconsequential. All of that is not true.

    I would like to convey to non Catholics that we ARE Christians and to learn about Catholicism before making baseless accusations.

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    Me, Catholic: I want to tell my protestant brothers and sisters that I do not assume you're going to hell because you're not Catholic. I believe that the extent to which you love God and other people, you are participating in the Kingdom of God.

    I would want to point out to some that I do not worship statues, Mary, or the Pope. Saying that I do over and over doesn't make it true.

    I would like to say that the Catholic Church's goal first and foremost is to follow God's will for us all. The core teaching of that is "love one another as I have loved you." John 13:34

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    To non-Catholic Christians - just the the fullness of Truth that Jesus intended.

  • That regardless of our differences we share far more than that which divides us. As long as we both call God Our Father we are brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters may not always agree but they are to love and assist each other.

    Peace Be With You,


    (From a Catholic to fellow Christians)

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    As a Christian I would want to convey my respect for their desire to be close to God. And I would convey my wish for EVERY one of us to read and study the Bible for ourselves to discern the differences between what the Bible teaches and what the Catholic Church traditions (ie non - biblcal) teach.

    Always this wish would be out of compassion & with a desire to see people come to know the truth of God's Word for themselves. I know many ex-catholics who, once they read the Bible for themselves feel that they were led astray by the Catholic Church.

    -Sincerely - Redeemed

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