What is the rap song in Rush Hour 1 when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are driving and Jackie changed the radio

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    I'm not sure exactly what song it was cause there is soooo many hip hop songs in that movie... but here is a track listing... hopefully you can narrow it down:

    "Never Touch a Black Man's Radio [Skit]" by Chris Tucker

    "How Deep Is Your Love" by Dru Hill and Redman

    "Faded Pictures" by Case and Joe

    "Can I Get A..." by Jay-Z, Amil and Ja Rule

    "Jackie Chan Kicks *** [Skit]" by Jackie Chan

    "And You Don't Stop" by Wu-Tang Clan

    "***** Betta Have My Money" by Ja Rule

    "Is This Weed...Cigaweed [Skit]" by Chris Tucker

    "Disco" by Grenique

    "Blow **** Up...FBI Wants You [Skit]" by Chris Tucker and Chief

    "Impress the Kid" by Slick Rick

    "If I Die Tonight" by Montell Jordan, Monifah and Flesh-n-Bone

    "Glad that We Loved" by Jon B.

    "I'll Be on a Big FBI Case [Skit]" by Chris Tucker

    "Terror Squadians" by Terror Squad

    "Please Tell Me You Speak English... [Skit]" by Chris Tucker

    "Way Too Crazy" by Big Tray Dee, Jayo Felony and Daz

    "N.B.C." by Charli Baltimore, Cam'ron and Noreaga

    "You'll Never Miss Me ('Til I'm Gone)" by Terry Dexter

    "Nasty Girl" by Kasino and Nite & Day

    "No Love" by Imajin

    "I'm Michael Jackson, You Tito [Skit]" by Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan

    "Tell the Feds" by Too Short

    "Rush Hour (Main Title)" by Lalo Schifrin

    "Take This Badge and Shove It [Skit]" by Chris Tucker

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    What is the rap song in Rush Hour 1 when Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are driving and Jackie changed the radio

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    I Did A Little Google Search & Typed In Some Of The Lyrics & I Found:

    Can I Get A... - Jay-Z; Ja Rule; Amil


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    The Bit On The Radio Is On That Vid At 1:40 =D


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    The United States Of James Carter lmfao



    How Simple Was The Search???



    ^^^ That's All I Did =D

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    Can I Get A F*ck You-Jay-Z, Amil, Ja Rule

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    Here is the soundtrack listing from the movie


    Performed by Edwin Starr


    Performed by Mariah Carey

    "Another Part of Me"

    Performed by Michael Jackson

    "Get Down Tonight"

    Performed by KC & The Sunshine Band

    "Can I get a .."

    by Jay-Z

    "How deep is your love"

    by Dru Hill

    "Surfin' USA"

    Written by Brian Wilson & Chuck Berry

    Performed by The Beach Boys

    Produced by Capitol Records

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    It's Jay-Z-Can I get A...


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