Pride fighters or UFC fighters?

Before UFC bought Pride, I thought that the average Pride fighter would woop up on some of the best UFC fighters. But now that we have seen many of the Pride vs. UFC bouts, I'm not sure.

Cro Cop lost 2

Wanderlei Silva lost

Dan Henderson lost 2

Shogun lost 2

Sokoudjou lost

Nakamura lost

The only real big success that Pride has had has come from Anderson Silva, Quinton Jackson, and BIG Nogueira.

Obviously the cage plays a part in it, but who do you think overall produced the better fighters. Pride or UFC?


I'm not asking who has the best trainers, I'm asking if you compare the list of Pride Vets vs. UFC Vets, which is the better list of fighers

Update 2:

FOR GOD SAKES PEOPLE! I know that Pride and UFC have different rules and different styles and different fighting areas. Put all that aside and if you made a list of all the people who made their name in Pride vs. all the people who made their name in UFC, which is the better group of fighters. I can't get any simpler than that.

And yes I know Wanderlei started out in UFC but he became a star in Pride.

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    Ultimately Pride fighters have 3 UFC belts out of 5, but the UFC has shown they they were just as good. I think the lower tier fighters of the UFC were under rated such as Forest Griffin and Machida where as the top tier Pride fighters like Noguiera, Silva, Rampage were as expected. So it looks like now top to bottom the UFC was better but at the top Pride was better.

    Source(s): Look, it don't matter if it was 4 fights or 10 fights Silva was in Pride then went to UFC which means he cames form Pride first. If Silva as'nt a Pride guy then neither was Gonzaga who only had a cuple UFC fights b4 he fought CropCOp. Plus Werdum beat Gonzaga anyways.
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    UFC overall produced the best all around fighters.

    Royce Gracie

    Matt Hughes

    Randy Couture

    Maurice Smith

    Bas Ruten

    Frank Shamrock (in his prime, way better than Ken)

    Chuck Liddell

    Dan Henderson (started in UFC)

    George St. Pierre

    BJ Penn

    Forrest Griffen

    These men are considered some of the top fighters in the world..

    Also throw in

    Keith Jardine

    Mark Coleman

    Don Frye

    Vitor Belfort

    Matt Serra

    Dan Severn

    Tito Ortiz

    Andre Arlovski

    Thiago Silva (very under rated)

    And now we'll throw Ken Shamrock out there.

    Source(s): my baked noodle
  • Tracy
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    4 years ago

    I would'nt say they have better fighters, just that they have more good fighters. As in a deeper roster pool of talent. Bottom line is the top UFC guys can hang with Pride and vice versa, so it's all about the same. Pride has traditionally paid more money and has more international fighters, but know that USFC is taking over, we are going to see everyone fighting everyone. And that is what we want in the first place. I just want the best fighting the best, don't care about the orgs, just want a good show, Pride and UFC forever biatches.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have to agree with you. Before Pride fighters started to fight in the UFC I also thought they would get whooped by them. Past fights have proved my opinion to be wrong. Anderson Silva and Rampage are in the top of the list of the best fighters in the world but the UFC has to have the toughest line of competition in the business.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They are two Different fighting systems,

    In Pride,Ring and time limit, in pride you had room and could use ropes,and you could take your time to study your opponent,

    In UFC they have small area and small time limit so they are trained to be very aggressive.

    So when pride had to switch to ufc rules there was a ufc advantage,

    Ufc has produced better fighters, Gracie,GSP,Chuck,

    Wanderlei Silva(he started in ufc and went to pride)

    If the ufc went to pride a lot of ufc people would lose.

  • 1 decade ago

    The UFC has a better crop of fighters, but if you notice Pride had the elites. All three names you mentioned from Pride that were successes, are far more than just a success. They wrecked shop and took UFC gold.

  • 1 decade ago

    everyone has there preference, I thought Pride was more exciting and i cant wait to see more Pride vs. UFC

    i do see Wanderlei being a big product. Still watch old Pride to this day and is awesomely brutal

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ANDERSON SILVA IS NOT A PRIDE FIGHTER!!! he was cage rage went to japan with a team he didn't like to fight in pride FOR FOUR FIGHTS not 20 or more like Big Nog, henderson or Wandi. then he went to back to cage rage for a while then went ufc. LEARN YOUR HISTORY!

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    It doesn't depend on the company....Its the trainers.....It doesn't matter if he comes from Mars if someone changes the people he's always around, and where he lives it changes you inside. Everything is new over here, its not "home terf" anymore....You know what I'm saying. But yes maybe the Cage throughs people off. Your more boxed in then in the ring.

  • 1 decade ago

    rampage is the only pride fighter to have success in the ufc when he crossed over. so i gotta go with ufc.

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