What is cervical discharge?

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i was reading about pregnancy syptoms and one of them was an increase in cervical discharge i was wondering what that was exactly!!!
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cervical discharge is always present in the vagina. sometimes its more dry and sometimes its more wet depending on where you are in your cycle. midcycle is when have an increase in discharge. it will stretch very far and be clear. will will also be able to determine by the color it is or dries as.
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  • alexis73102 answered 6 years ago
    Its just an increase in discharge. It will either be watery looking, creamy looking or kinda slimy. Its your bodies way of flushing out your vaginal area and keeping it clean so that no infections/bacteria can creep its way in to harm the baby.


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  • . answered 6 years ago
    I have it. It's kind of like non-fertile discharge. It is white and kind of sticky in increased amounts. It doesn't smell either.
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  • tjos answered 6 years ago
    It will be discharge from your vagina. It should be clear and have no smell. If there is an odd color or odor, see a doctor immediately.

    It's quite common, and due to the hormonal changes as your body prepares to carry the baby. The mucus at your cervix thickens to become a protective barrier. This is the mucus plug that may or may not come at toward the end of pregnancy. All the activity down there creates the extra fluid that you see as discharge.

    If it bothers you, you can wear a pantyliner.
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