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what were the methods of fighting during WWI?

where there other methods of fighting besides trench warfare? if so, what were they?

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    The methods of fighting were obsolete. Technology had far outpaced military tactics. Time and time again commanders ordered large concentrations of men over the hill to attack enemy positions. And time and time again the men were mowed down by enemy soldiers with machine guns in entrenched positions. So the war on the western front bogged down in trench warfare with neither side able to advance very far. But casualties mounted all through 1914, 1915, 1916, and 1917. Nothing showed the futility of the war more than the Battle of Verdun. Even the introduction of new weapons like the airplane and the tank didn't change the balance of the war. Submarines were used by the Germans to isolate Great Britain from her empire and to deny her food and supplies. However World War I was fought mostly on land. The war finally was won by the Allies because the United States entered it late in the war with millions of new troops. This changed the numerical balance of the war in favor of the Allies. I hope that has been a help to you.

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    WW1 justice extremely interior the british military became quick and intense. to not combat, you should threat being shot, on put in reformatory for an prolonged time. while going 'over the best' the commanding place of work could shoot every person who did not save on with orders and subsequently the troops for the main area did as they have been advised. To get out of scuffling with you had to truly have a real harm. Shell ask your self became not possibly a recognized ailment and so a intense wound could ought to be self inflicted. this could contain a bayonet, capturing your self someplace to not intense, or only status up and hoping for a 'good one' from the enemy. A concientious objector ought to refuse to circulate interior the 1st place yet could go through a detention center sentence. This to me could have been the least puzzling direction besides the reality that prisons interior the united kingdom on the turn of the century have been far worse than in the present day. it could have been case of ways a lot are you able to stand to bear. conflict or 5-8 years in reformatory?

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    The war started out like all wars at the time---combined infantry and calvary assaults following artillery pounding. The assaults ground down and the trenches appeared. Gas and air attacks were developed as well as the tank. The main attacks were still infantry assaults.

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    Once Russia dropped some stuff, typhus or cholera on the Germans and the wind changed and took out a Russian town.

    It was a terrible slaughter.

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    -the first tanks were used

    -chemical warfare



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