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Can vacuum packing of pickles (for commercial sales) stop it from becoming stale?

I'm planning to sell a couple of pickle type food items. Hence I'm looking for ways to preserve them without adding artificial preservatives.

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    The canning process will help them from going stale. That's how you keep pickled products. Just buy the small canning jars.

    EDIT: Vacuum packing them your self may be a bit of a pain in the butt. I really have never heard of stale pickled products. They need to stay in the brine to stay good and that will keep them from going stale. Salt and vinegar are not artificial and will keep them for a long time so no worries. As long as the seal is not broken home canned products will saty good for a couple of years, specially pickled canned products.

    Not to be rude but have you pickled products before? Or are you selling already pickled foods from another jar or what?

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    Is vinegar artifical? I didn't think there was that much involved with a stale pickle never had do more research

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