what are some good ways to generate leads for sales?

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    For insurance or lending, I recommend Internet-generated leads from a reputable provider such as You can check them out at An Internet lead is pre-qualified because the consumer has proactively performed a search with a search engine, looking for a solution to a financial challenge. They have then taken the time to fill out a form, requesting a quote. A good lead provider “scrubs” the lead to make sure the data is valid before sending it to you. All of this is done in seconds after the consumer fills out the form and delivered to you in “real time.” The nice thing about is that they enhance their insurance leads with homeowner data from First American Financial, so you have a better handle on how serious and qualified the lead is. Good luck!

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    What type of sales? I can get you all the home based business leads that are qualified for FREE! No strings, just smart marketing. Also business opportunity leads as well,

    FREE! Be careful though you will get tired of receiving the emails and phone calls! It takes about 5 minutes of your time and these leads will pay to talk to you!

    Source(s): Robert Green (Hostage negotistor) "Speaking life into people"
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    There is a software for generate Business Leads Just Register And Download the software in

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    Scratch and sniff stickers!

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