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What Mariah Carey song should each contestant sing in American Idol.?

What Mariah Carey song should each contestant sing in American Idol.

I heard Jason Castro is singing Someday

Also what do you think they should sing together

im thinking when you believe from prince of egypt

what do you think???

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    David A should sing Touch My Body

    David C should sing Its Like That

    Syesha should sing Without You

    then randy will ramble on about how he worked with mariah and bla bla bla

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    i do no longer know in the event that they ever did, I remember watching Idol in Season 4, yet from then on I in basic terms watched the Season a million finale, and that replaced into it. i've got watched Season 7, Season 8, and now Season 9 religiously, in basic terms lacking a pair of episodes, and don't remember them ever doing it. So all i will inform you that if that they had performed it, i'm particularly valuable it replaced into in the 1st few seasons of Idol. it incredibly is this style of cool topic nevertheless! i could fairly like for them to have that this year.

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    Walk like an Eygptian.

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    hahahhahah touch my body will be hilarous! unless your serious then i choose visions of love

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  • touch my body.

    just kidding that be freakyyy.

    umm heartbreaker

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