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FREE virtual interior design online?

Does anybody know any good sites where you can decorate a virtual room/rooms? thanks alot..

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    Xivio is a great site.

    FREE to play, NO downloads!

    Members can explore many rooms in Xivio World, main rooms, other members rooms, and their OWN room. (complete with a lock and a lease.)

    There are MANY items that members can use to customize their avatar "Xiv", and their room. Their hompy (personal homepage) can also be customized with their own background, images, and colors.

    They upload their own music, their own videos, and keep their own personal blog updated.

    They can listen to music in their own room that they create, and let their in world friends listen and visit. Members customize their avatar, and their own room. New items are added often.

    The site has ALOT of features, so when you join take your time, and ask questions.

    Free members and premium (paid) members have the same chances at getting rares and other items. All members are treated the same.

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    Free Virtual Interior Design

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    If you just obtained a house and you have no spending budget for a professional landscaper you just come to the proper spot so that you find out how to deal with landscaping even if is your 1st experience because is often a first for every little thing.

    Ideas4landscaping is a digital downloadable collection of 300 phase-by-step guides , themes and video tutorials and involves more than 7250 substantial resolution photos for those individuals who are looking for inspiration and tips to improve their landscaping wants. The package comes as a Pc CD ROM as well.

    Full with photographs and easy diagrams , this plan will make you look like an expert in this world of landscaping in front of your close friends and family.

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    Low-Cost Alternative:

    Fluid Designer

    As a hobbyist, freelancer, or small to medium sized studio you can use Fluid Designer and Blender as a low-cost alternative to 3ds Max ($125/month) and After Effects ($20/month).

    Fluid Designer by Microvellum (based on Blender)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Architectural Visualization by Andrew Price (made with Blender)

    Youtube thumbnail

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    A must have ebook about landscaping with loads of ideas, tips, picts here:

    Good Bye

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    Does it make sense to paint your ceiling when painting your bedroom

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