What is some info on a fax machine?

I just got a fax machine from a friend. It has nothing with it. Does it need a cd to be hooked to a computer. Does it even need to be hooked to a computer? I have it hooked to my phone line. I am also confused about a toner , is that the ink or does it need ink? It says toner is low. What else needs to be changed like the toner or the ink ever so often? Thanks in advanced


brother IntelliFAX 2800 Laser Plain paper fax

Update 2:

I have a printer, I just need it fax things.

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    A brother Intellifax will print if you have the drivers. SInce you already have a printer we will skip that part. The fax machine you have will require a toner (that is the ink) every 2,000-6,000 pages depending on what is being faxed. It will also require a drum every 3-5 toner's. All that is required to fax is the phone line. Insert whatever you would like to fax, dial the number with the keypad, and hit start.

    When it says toner low... take out the toner, shake it, and reinstall the toner. Alot of times that will redistrubate the toner in the cartridge and the message will go away.

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    Look at the model number...put that in with your answer. Then we can tell you whether it is a all in one Printer Fax or just a fax.

    The model number will help you determine what kind of toner you will need to buy. Google the model number with the word toner and find out the number of the toner cartridge that you need to purchase. Go to staples or officemax and get a toner cartridge. Take your model number with you.

    If it is just a fax you just need it to connect to your phone line.

    If it is a printer/fax you need to connect it to your computer to print to it and the phone line to fax.

    Put the model number in google and download the manual.

    Good Luck. =)

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