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HELP!!!What is the rate constant, k?

what is the rate constant (little k not big K = eqbm constant). in my txtbook it says k = proportionality constant but i dont get it? what does k actually measure?? is it the same as the reaction rate..?

plz help!! i need this for my exam tmrw. thnx in advance :)

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    k=ideal gas constant

    k=universal gas constant

    k=constant proportional

    k=0.08205 L.atm/mol.K (if you're gonna use liter)


    k=82.05ml.atm/mol.K (if you're gonna use ml)

    k is also be R

    it is a little "k"..

    it measures many things..just look in its equation..all of the units there..th0se are what you cn measure..",)..g0odlak 4 ur exam!!ope u'll make it!!/.,take it easy..d0nt be nerv0us..and PRAY to "HIM"..=]

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