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does teeth effect your singing that much?

cause when you reach 20 your teeth begins to wear and tear a bit so, does that mean your a bad singer?

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    Well, I don't know about the belief the teeth wear and tear at twenty, but teeth effect singing from a different aspect. However, teeth cannot affect your singing so much that you are a bad singer.

    Anatomy in general can affect the sound of one's voice. Some people (please do not laugh) who have big overbites or buckteeth often have issues with the shape of the vowels, and even projection of sound. They try to overcompensate often over the overbite with their mouth. Underbite can cause the same issue. I don't think braces do that much to the sound. You might have pronunciation issues in the beginning, but once you get used to functioning with the braces, it isn't really a problem. Most people with or without braces have to work with pronunciation anyway. That is normal for all singers.

    Other than that, the soft palate, the tongue, all those things inside of the mouth other than the teeth attribute more to singing. Teeth doesn't do that much unless there is something dramatically different about the teeth. And nowadays with the invention of braces, most of us will not have that issue anyway.

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  • Erika
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    a million. do no longer attempt to coach your self to sing. this is too effortless to wreck your voice for the reason which you have observed fairly undesirable advice you got here across on Youtube someplace, or make risky errors for the reason which you may no longer decide your self on how nicely you should be doing something thoroughly new and foreign places to you. the only risk-free way is to discover a voice instructor to artwork with you head to head so which you would be able to get the right guidance and on the spot comments. 2. Get your tooth fastened. Why? nicely, except your tooth are SO crooked that it fairly deforms your mouth and jaw so which you would be able to no longer even talk appropriate, your difficulty over your tooth and how they could look or reason you to sound, could have you ever attempting to conceal your tooth while you sing or do something which will forestall you from even establishing your mouth so as which you would be able to sing. in case you attempt to tension your lips over your crooked tooth whilst belting out a Broadway variety, this is not going to artwork okay, will it?

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    i think teens have a bigger problem with their teeth and singing because alot have braces and that messes around with your vowels and pronunciation of stuff for a while

    for the record, i had to spend alot of singing lessons getting over my vowel problem, and i'm fine now!

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    no u will just need to make sure the pronounciation of words is still good other wise u should still be good

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