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想請問 marquee client 的意思

想請問 marquee client 的意思


Compared to the traditional iteration of marquee clients, major deals and disputes, these express true personality in ways that are memorable.


Precyse Solutions Announces Marquee Client Award Winners



謝謝 但主要是想知道第一句裡面 兩個單字合起來所引申的意義


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    marquee clients --- 顯要的客戶, 名稱響亮的客戶, 卓越的客戶

    marquee --- Famous; outstanding, pre-eminent


    Oxford dictionary

    attrib. or as adjective. [from the practice of billing the name of an entertainer on the marquee (i.e. awning) over the entrance to a theatre.] Famous; outstanding, pre-eminent. Orig. & chiefly US. M20.

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    marquee 當prominent解釋 只限於北美, 由其美國, 如a marquee player

    Their [the Yankees'] marquee names..still inspired awe and fear among opponents.

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    現在很多戲院, 都改用電子跑馬燈顯示演出訊息(就是一長條滾動的字幕)

    所以網頁特效, 跑馬燈的效果也稱為marquee

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    Precyse Solutions Announces Marquee Client Award Winners

    Precyse 解答宣佈"大門罩客戶"褒獎優勝者


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