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與性防治相關英文 請幫我翻譯





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    In order to such methods as coercing, blustering, violence forcing, drug or lulling,etc., making others unable to resist and person who satisfies its sex contact intention of the conduct or the behavior. Violate children, teenagers' welfare law, children and teenager trade and preventing and curing the regulations and detailed rules and regulations such as involving, should depend on the open policy organ of newspaper office of the regulation at the same time.

    Investigate, coach and rotate and lie between treating: Carry on the investigation to the persons who appeal and person appealed, offer the crisis to deal with, look at needing to transfer to and lying between and carrying on psychological consultation or treating to specializing in the organization.

    Assess and make a self-criticism: To sexual harrassment and prevention, handling and doing fixed assessment and self-criticism of sex infringement, research and analyse in case of necessity.

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