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Consider that a conversation by telephone--when you are simply siting by and not taking any part in that conversation--is one of the solemnest curiosities of modern life. Yesterday I was writing a deep article on a sublime philosophical subject while such a conversation was going on in the room. I notice that one can always write best when somebody is talking through a telephone close by. Well, the thing began in this way. A member of our household came in and asked me to have our house put into communication with Mr. Bagley's downtown. I have observed, in many cities, that the sex always shrink from calling up the central office themselves. I don't know why, but they do. So I touched the bell, and this talk ensued:

CENTRAL OFFICE. (gruffy.) Hello!

I. Is it the Central Office?

C. O. Of course it is. What do you want?

I. Will you switch me on to the Bagleys, please?

C. O. All right. Just keep your ear to the telephone.

Then I heard k-look, k-look, k'look--klook-klook-klook-look-look! then a horrible "gritting" of teeth, and finally a piping female voice: Y-e-s? (rising inflection.) Did you wish to speak to me?

Without answering, I handed the telephone to the applicant, and sat down. Then followed that queerest of all the queer things in this world-- a conversation with only one end of it. You hear questions asked; you don't hear the answer. You hear invitations given; you hear no thanks in return. You have listening pauses of dead silence, followed by apparently irrelevant and unjustifiable exclamations of glad surprise or sorrow or dismay. You can't make head or tail of the talk, because you never hear anything that the person at the other end of the wire says. Well, I heard the following remarkable series of observations, all from the one tongue, and all shouted-- for you can't ever persuade the sex to speak gently into a telephone:

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    用電話認為那為一次談話 --你完全坐在以前並且在那次談話內不扮演一些的角色 --是現代生活的最莊嚴的好奇之一。 當這樣的一次談話正在房間裡繼續時,昨天我正寫在一個偉大的哲學的主題上的一篇深的文章。 我注意到那個總是能寫最好某人在附近透過一部電話交談。 嗯,事情以這種方法開始。 我們的家庭的成員進來並且要我讓我們的房子投入與先生的聯繫 巴格利的商業區。 我已經在很多城市觀察,性總是害怕親自召喚中心站。 我不知道為什麼,但是他們做。 因此我接觸這個鈴,並且這次交談接著發生︰

    中心站。 (gruffy.) 你好﹗

    I. 它是中心站嗎?

    C。 O。 當然它是。 你想要什麼?

    I. 你改變我到巴格利一家,好嗎?

    C。 O。 好。 請對電話保持你的耳朵。

    然後我聽說k看,k看,k'look --klook klook klook看看﹗ 然後一可怕" 磨擦" 在牙齒中,以及最後一種以管子輸送的女性聲音︰ Y-e-s嗎? (提升拐折.) 你希望對我講話了嗎?

    沒有回答,我把電話給申請人,並且坐下。 然後跟隨那這個世界全部這奇怪事情 -- 有它的只一個結局的一次談話。 你聽到問題被要求; 你沒聽到答案。 你聽到邀請被給; 你作為報答沒有聽到感謝。 你有聽死的寂靜的中止,隨後有高興的驚奇或者悲哀或者驚慌的顯然不相關和不能認為合理的叫喊。 你不能明白交談,因為你從未聽到人在電線的另一個端說的任何東西。 嗯,我聽說如下內容驚人的系列報告,來自一個舌頭的全部,和全部大叫 -- 對於你來說不能說服性溫柔地講話進一部電話︰

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    考慮在電話中的交談--當你只是正在位於被和不拿任何的部份在交談--是現代生活的最嚴肅好奇心之一。 昨天當如此的交談正在房間中繼續的時候,我正在在一個卓越的哲學主題上寫一個深的文章。我注意,當某人正在附近講話過一個電話的時候,那個一個罐子總是最寫。 好吧,事物這樣開始。 一個我們的家庭的成員進來了而且要求我放我們的房子進入 。

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