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    歌名:Lady Brown (ft. Cise Starr from CYNE)


    [Verse 1]

    Crush a coal to a diamond

    Eyes forever shining

    Your beauty alone inspire a niggah to rhyming

    Thinking of the better things in life

    Thinking of how I could persuade you to become my wife

    Hand in hand as we floating over tropical sands

    You my lady, I'm ya man

    So let's futher advance to the next scene

    Me sleeping next to you resting

    You are the personification of all God's blessings

    Coming to me in just one physical being

    One physical dream that I wanna redeem

    You're Voluptuous

    Sweet caramel brown honeydew

    Satin skin smooth to the touch, what a niggah do

    So sensual

    Her smile like a chemical extract of perfection

    Rare mineral

    She smell like a happy birthday on a Thursday

    Quiet time love sleep in I wake early


    Honey brown wit the long black hair

    Teasing me with a kiss and a stare

    Slight touch and you taking me there

    So fine and it just ain't fair

    So beautiful and so damn rare

    [Verse 2]

    She's angelic and energetic

    Using sex as a weapon

    I reckon that I'm confessing

    Her body is just a blessing from God Down to earth

    She needs to be in a church to prove that

    We didn't spawn from fish but God's work

    Hurts to see her clothed cause her body beholds

    Secrets untold valued like platinum and gold

    For she is the key to open my mind to see

    The energy that radiates from the gates of heavenly bliss

    I reminisce over touch and kiss

    While you *****ing a bitch I go make love to my miss

    Never scandalous

    It unanimous that the how i handled it

    Lights off and candle lit rooms and glamorous

    Yo I call you love sexual you look edible

    Parallel snuggle up close intellectual

    In a rendezvous who are you in wrap hairdo

    No makeup in jean shorts open toe shoe

    I wanna hold you mold ya soul I behold you

    Know you better than myself never own you

    But keep you never leave you

    2008-04-16 14:50:10 補充:

    I beseech you

    Gods gift to man is you wearing a see through

    Riding Seadoos in Atlantic Ocean

    Causing commotion

    Lay you down going through the motions

    Keep ya skin soft lotions got me coasting

    Down pretty round brown thighs the candles low lit

    2008-04-16 14:50:18 補充:


    Honey brown wit the long black hair

    Teasing me with a kiss and a stare

    Slight touch and you taking me there

    So fine and it just ain't fair

    So beautiful and so damn rare

    2008-04-16 14:50:26 補充:

    [Verse 3]

    Look at this agreeable

    Delightful, delectable


    So sweet she may be edible

    She needs a pedestal To step out of heaven you ready boo

    Never hypothetical you factual and magical

    Fuck theatrical

    Baby girl because you actual

    2008-04-16 14:50:36 補充:

    Physically your chemistry is so mathematical

    Had to use academics to define your spirit

    You lifting my limits

    Your name off my tongue is a lyric

    She's a compilation of my minds representation

    Of a representative

    Representing an excellent revelation of time and dedication

    2008-04-16 14:50:40 補充:

    Never impatient

    She know the deal

    Revealed herself to me

    So I can see Her heavenly ways

    Her heavenly gaze

    And plus it don't hurt that she has an ass for days

    So as we lay I reminisce on the day that we met

    Please god never let me forget

    2008-04-16 14:51:48 補充:




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