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Is President Bush the worst President in the history of the United States?

4000+ kids dead in a Muslim country - alot of them poor National Guard wanting some help with school and to learn a trade.

Made the Shitie Muslims (Iran) great.

Put us into debt from China

Laughs about all of this.

Has eliminated the Middle Class

Has caused foreign countires to hate us.

Makes US look like an ***

Many more but I am tired.


He is an idiot. At least Cheney is crooked wanting his company to make profits.

Bush laughs and gets kickbacks from Cheney's oil business.

Wake up people.

Ask those who have lost loved ones over there for Cheney's profits that have not come.

He (Cheney) needs to be in court for the murder of 4000+ young American kids in a Muslim country for his oil ventures.

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    BUSH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE USE OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS IN FALLUJAH IN 2004 (the very same charge he levelled against Saddam Hussein)



    I have more if you need it. I haven't even mentioned the upcoming war with Iran:

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    4000+ kids dead in a Muslim country - alot of them poor National Guard wanting some help with school and to learn a trade.

    They signed up. Its tragic, but war usually results in death. many more died in every other major war we have been in.

    Made the Shitie Muslims (Iran) great. How?

    Put us into debt from China. Bush is not to blame for this

    Laughs about all of this. Prove it.

    Has eliminated the Middle Class. you really believe he did that?

    Has caused foreign countires to hate us. Conceded, he hasnt helped, but many of those countries that dont like us, have fundamental differences in world view.

    Makes US look like an *** some would argue that Clinton did that in 98.

    Many more but I am tired. keep em coming, I can go all day.

    Edit: by the way, look into the administrations of Johnson (civil war reconstruction) and Harding before you make that kind of accusation

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    "4000+ kids dead in a Muslim country - alot of them poor."

    Dude, that was the plan. Ever hear of "Operation Kill Poor Kids?"

    "National Guard wanting some help with school and to learn a trade."

    Yeah, then they got handed some weird gun-shaped thing. Bush is a nazi!

    "Made the Shitie Muslims (Iran) great."

    I can't even get sarcastic on this one. It makes no sense.

    "Put us into debt from China"

    How many things in your house say "Made in China" on them.

    "Laughs about all of this."


    "Has eliminated the Middle Class."

    I'm middle class. Am I an anomaly?

    "Has caused foreign countires to hate us."

    Like the one who cain't spel?

    "Makes US look like an ***"

    No, that's your job.

    "Many more but I am tired."

    Wow, a lazy guy who hates Bush. Never saw that before.

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    Everything you say about Bush is true, and more besides. He may well be the most ignorant man ever to hold the office, but I believe the worst President ever must be Woodrow Wilson. What Lenin did for Russia, Wilson did for the USA -- it's just taken a few extra years to reach its logical culmination.

    Bush is charging down the road blazed by Wilson -- and is reaching its end. Wilson gave us the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, the first World War, and government control of education.

    We can now see clearly where that road leads: to an uncontrollable business cycle of boom and bust, rampant inflation, tax-slavery, unending war, and a population of ever decreasing literacy and self-sufficiency. George Bush is the result, not the cause, of our downfall.

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    Clinton was the best of my generation, Dubya has been the worst by a mile. At least the United States was respected under Clinton's watch, whereas Americans are now hated abroad. At least Clinton also left office with the books in good order.

    The Clinton administration ran deficits in each of its first four years and surpluses in each of the last four years. The largest deficit was $213 billion in the 1994 financial year, and the largest surplus was $219 billion in the 2000 financial year. The Clinton years paid down a net $14.2 billion of national debt and averaged a surplus of $1.78 billion.

    People love to berate Jimmy Carter, yet I don't see anything that tells me he lied his way into war. I could also never imagine Dubya being the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. It's also pointless to compare a one-termer in Carter to a two-termer in Dubya.

    The legacy of George W. Bush will be forever connected to Iraq.

    4,000 U.S. soldiers dead, along with 80 - 90,000 civilians dead.

    He will be the worst modern day president that I'll ever live to see.

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    He is the worst President in the history of the US. He destroyed the country economically. Made more enemies than anyone. Made the US hated worldwide. The number of allies the US have is shrinking. Made the US go back 100s of years when he authorized torture. The US was an authority in human rights, not anymore. I don't understand how can some people still think that he is doing a good job.

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    History will most certainly frown on Mr. Bush, but I would not say he is the worst our country has ever experienced.

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    Let me take this on one at a

    1. Do you mean, our soldiers who volunteered to sign up with our military fullying knowing that protecting our country may be part of their job?--- Funny how you labled them POOR kids. The US did not kill them the enemy did. Plus, if you ask, 99% soldiers will tell you to shove it up you...... They are proud of they work they are doing, support our efforts, there and mourn our losses.

    2.Iran is next on the list. How did he put us in debt to China. Every country in the world has the right to buy our debt. That is how it works. But you also probably don't know is, we own a lot of indirect China debt through other countries. So let's see if they can actually have the balls to try something. They have more to lose from us cutting them off then us off of them. We don't do as much business in China as they do here. They need us. Plus don't listen to an off hand remark made by a low level CHinese gov official who didn't know what he was talking about.

    4. Bush doesn't laugh about this. You libs always got to make your "intelligent" arguments filled with emotional statements. Usually false too. Bush is sincerely disheartened at what you liberals have done to our country. You champion people who love to sue, minorities using the race card to get an advantage over people, allowing illegal aliens to have rights they don't need. Can we give other criminals a break too?

    5.Where has the middle class gone? Stop listening to local news. The middle class disappearing is more about tax codes changing that classify more people/families as "rich." It's going upwards, not downwards....Gez, get a clue. Stop repeating what you heard someone else say unless you know what it means.

    6.Foreign countries envy us,not hate us. Don't mind the French, they only work like 2hrs a day and with out us, the would be known as West Germany right now. NEXT...

    7.If doing the right thing makes me look like an ***, than an *** I am happy to be. are tired becuase marijuana makes you sleepy. It's a downer! Literally.

    Bush will go done as one of the better presidents. Sure some won't say that now. But in 2028, twenty years, trust me, his stabilizing the middle east will be a big thing. History will look favorably on him. Unlike Carter, who is still regarded as a poor president, and clinton, who obviously is not known for any real accomplishments. But hey, I will throw him a bone. I want to believe they invented the

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    Yes I agree with all what you have mentioned , he is the worst,you say 4000 + kids, 4000 are US soldiers dead for what reason,fighting terrorist ,I feel sorry for the families receiving their sons or daughters in coffins,

    Kids, thousands of kids and now nearly a million dead in Iraq.

    Who made Al-Qaeda, who made saddam,I dont believeb they want to make peace in our region,so long there is war, there is weapon sales.

    We are tired too, we want peace, but does Mr Bush or who ever comes in power, I dont think so.

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    No, not even close. He's done a pretty good job.

    You've been listening to the wrong people and have a lot of facts very wrong.

    Get some rest and, more important, get a good American History book and learn about some of the past presidents this country has had.

    There were some real losers but the US did just fine.

    This is a great country and we have much to be proud of.

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