Any real physics here? Help please!?

Any real physics here? Help please!?

Why do photons curve around large bodies and get trapped in black holes if all particles but photons and gluons acquire mass felt by the gravitation field, from interaction with the Higgs field?

Thanks in advance-- oh, and my name is Emmy and I was born on the Gemini-Cancer cusp, if that helps.


Gorgeous: Feel free to actually read the question. Thanks!

Update 2:

Morey: considering I asked a physics related question, I didn't mess up on my spelling.

I am, however, making fun of the 5 questions asked of psychics I saw in the last half an hour.

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    Let me check the cards, darling... Ah, I've got the Hawking of Weelchairs; that indicates spatial distortion - and when he's upside down like this, it can only mean one thing! Relatavistic effects still apply with a mass of zero, as long as the particle is moving in a curved path.

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    Just more physics jargon ... I am not even sure if this is correct anymore ...

    Photons and gluons are strictly massless. They are the gauge fields of unbroken symmetries (unlike the weak vector bosons). Due to the strong force and the self-interactions of the gluons (the strong force originates from a non-Abelian group -- so there is self interaction among the gauge fields -- the gauge fields themselves are charged), there may be gluon condensation and the condensation appears massive.

    As they are massless, they do not directly interact with Higgs boson at the tree-level. At higher-loop levels, there are interactions because you can have all sorts of virtual particles (i.e. particles that are not 'on-shell').

    The same likely goes for the interactions with gravitons (the particle interpretation of the gravitational field).

    Photons curve around large bodies. Photons can not escape black holes once they are in the event horizon of the black holes. However, those two things are somewhat independent, unless the curvature of the photon trajectory is induced by the black hole.

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    The path taken by photons or any other particle is curved because space-time itself is distorted and they are traveling within the continuum not outside it - any mass of the particles is not important because they have velocity which can be treated in an relative manner to mass.

    It's another red herring Emmy, like your astrology reference, considering the interactions with the Higgs field is perhaps a pleasant aside but it is not something that will change the result.

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    watch the Youtube movie below.

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    Nope, real physics is in the Math & Science category. All you'll get in R&S is god-of-the-gaps pseudoscience and occasional mumbo-jumbo pseudoscience.

    I can't begin to answer a particle physics question at that level, but i can guarantee that your astrological data won't be part of the answer.

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    As soon as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN goes online and produces Higgs bosons we will know...I hope

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    my mom is a real psychic. I don't know if she would like a random person emailing her though.

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    Because the strong-headed will of Pluto has crossed into your star path

    Hahahaha I just got that physics thing

    Sorry I have issues, I can't spell physics (the people that are supposed to predict things)

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    LOL, I love this!

    I also love that people are saying **** without actually reading the question.

    "Uh, duuuuh, did you means psychics!?"



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