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Confederate Flag?

I was born and am being raised in Southern Louisiana. I'm 15. I'm into mudridin, huntin, fishin, horse back ridin, gettin dirty, animal raisin, FFA, Crawfish Boils, and Agriculture. I'm a country girl. I'm very religious and into the Southern heritage.

I took Southern/Louisiana history last year, and learned about the Civil War, Black Slavery, and everything else bout down here. I love the Confederate Flag- Design/Meanin/History, and wouldn't dare fly it as a racial slur.

My Dad is Southern born, Southern Bred, but more of a New Orleans guy. He's very against the Confederate mother is also (but she's a Yankee)

I'm annoyed because, I don't get why they won't let me wear or buy anything with the Flag on it. I feel like people are ashamed of where I'm from. Please help me understand..


Don't say crap bout my heritage. I ain't flyin it to stir trouble

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    They probably see it as racial. You should explain to them that you want to wear it b/c of your heritage.

    My brother has a huge confederate flag hung on his bedroom wall. I think your parents should let you wear it if you want to.

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    I have mixed feelings on the flag. On one hand I can sort of see where people are coming from with the negative history. However, it is a part of our history, good or bad. I don't fly it myself, but I'm not going to tell people they can't fly it, and I don't like others to do so either.

    I'm from Mississippi (see avatar on the left?) so I know this firsthand too.

    You know, Carebear has a very good point. Still, I don't think too many people flying it today are looking to break off from the US so that still hasn't really turned me against it.

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    Not only did the South stand for slavery, but it also represents one of the worst times in American History. The South actually wanted to become its own country. The war separated loved ones and put them against one another. Most see it only as a negative image that comes from a time that we are embarrassed about and want to forget and move on from. Hope that helped.

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    You are right. I think Confederate flag is a pride and symbol of the southern.

    And for various confederate flags, you may have a ch eck at

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    The confederate flag has a negative association for african americans. Its not ok to stir up trouble. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson will have your a$$. I'm half american indian and nobody seems to give a crap about my feelings.

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