This is really no question, but for the people that were wondering who the Twilight cast...well here it is. =)

Bella -Kristen Stewart

Edward -Robert Pattinson

Charlie- Billy Burke

Alice -Ashley Greene

Rosalie-Nikki Reed

Jasper -Jackson Rathbone

Emmett -Kellan Lutz

Carlisle-Peter Facinelli

James -Cam Gigandet

Jacob Black -Taylor Lautner

Jessica-Anna Kendrick

Mike Newton-Michael Welsh

Eric -Justin Chon

Angela -Christian Serratos

Billy Black -Gil Birmingham

Esme -Elizabeth Reaser

Laurent-Edi Gathegi

Victoria -Rachelle Lafevre

Rene -Sarah Clarke

Tyler -Gregory Tyree Boyce

Waylon Forge -Ned Bellamy

Phil -Matt Bushnell

Mr. Molina -Jose Zuniga

For the people that had confusion with who was Jacob and who was Tyler, well problem resolved! It is official that Gregory Tyree Boyce is going to play as Tyler. I am not very happy with some of the actors and their roles, but oh well I gotta deal with it and enjoy as best as I can.

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Very good Twilight scenes! =]]

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Kristen and Robert's Interview!!!! =]]

I hope I helped! =)

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