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Is it normal for a 9 year old to take three weeks to read a book?

My 9 year old son Cecil has spent three weeks reading Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina', and he's only on page 489. I regard this novel as Tolstoy's finest work and young Cecil cannot even clearly explain its central themes. His essay on the first quarter of the book did not show clear insight into the thematic arc at all.

Is the boy of lower than average intelligence?

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    I can see your concern, 3 weeks eh, still I don't suppose you can be too critical, after all it was in Russian and his essay written in the Namibian click language. However, it might be an idea to keep a close eye on his future work, can't have the lad turning out a bit of a duffer, if that happens of course, he will have to go to Oxford instead of Cambridge, god forbid.

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    Ah, i have a similar problem, i have a five year old who's reading Stephen Kings 'The Stand'. I am absolutely appalled that she's only on page 600 and has been reading it for nearly a month now. I finished the book myself when i was 6 and it only took me three weeks.

    I believe that you and i clearly have children that are of lower intelligence and all hope has been lost.

    I am seriously considering leaving mine for the servants to bring up as she is clearly not going to keep up with my higher than average intelligence.

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    You should proud and satisfied that he is reading it at all at the age of 9. Stop pressuring him. Reading should be a pleasant experience - NOT work or a competition. Give him time to actually enjoy the story. How about having him read some of Charles Dickens work? Oliver Twist comes to mind as age appropriate and might actually interest him since the main character starts out about the same age as Cecil. I think you are expecting too much of him to explain its central themes. I'm past college age and haven't read it at all. That isn't to say that you haven't put the "bug" in my ear. I'll be looking for it my next trip to the library. Beverly

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    He is certainly NOT a boy of lower than average intelligence, sir, being that he came from your dignified heritage! Don't even suggest such a thing! He needs to hold the book right side up and put away those girlie magazines, they are quite a distraction for him! Just follow those instructions and young Cecil will be right as rain before you know it!

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    Your nine-year old son is reading Tolstoy and he's at page 489 after 3 weeks? I'd say he's doing better than most of his age! My 11-year old kidsister did a bookreport on The Neverending Story last december, the book is 391 pages long and she barely finished it in two months.

    He's only NINE - the Harry Potter books are nearer to his level, I would say! Leave Tolstoy until he's a teenager unless he really likes it. Some adults take months to read Tolstoy's books.

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    a 9 yr old can take any amount of time to read a book.

    he would probably go to sleep on a book like Anna Karenina!!

    at what age did you read that book and how much of it did you understand??

    give him Tolstoy's short stories collection, which he would enjoy more; and you should read along with him. The stories are some of the finest ever written and you should explain to him some of the concepts and traditions of that time because he won't know what was life like in those days.

    short stories and picture stories are what he might like to read , do you understand he is 9 yrs old?

    I would love to know what you were upto when you were 9!!

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    1 decade ago didn't even read Tolstoy until I was in high school...It is pretty intense reading. So, no, he probably does not have lower than average intelligence, but he might be having some problems interpreting some of the book, and it just might be boring and frustrating to him and obviously he is struggling with it...Since he is struggling, why don't you buy some Cliff Notes, or some kind of a guide, have him read a chapter, then go over the Cliff Notes to help him? This could actually affect his future schoolwork if you don't get him some help...I had to have Cliff Notes with some Shakespeare and other literary assignments to help it all make sense to me...

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    Obviously you have bred a delinquent. In your situation I should never have exposed this obvious gap in the family genes on a forum such as this. A significent proportion of the boys genes, unfortunately, Sir, originate from your own stock.

    I should withdraw him from all study, give him to the stable hand's wife to raise, and you may turn out a fair jockey or failing all else, a stable lad.

    Disown before all is lost!

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    My dear boy, I imagine your son is a perfect twit - send him orff to the boarding school this verrry minute and make sure they use the trusty ole' cane.

    By God, 3 weeks to read Tolstoy! Send him hence at once, sir! Or else he will become an utter popinjay!!!

    Of course if he finishes it quicker you can reward him with a shiny new shilling and a liqourice!

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    Anna Karenina!? Are you having a laugh good Sir?

    Why, must you indulge your boy in such a light, trifling fancy as that book, whatever was wrong with War and Peace i don't know, that's the way to break him in!

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